Over the past few years, apps like Google Messages and Gmail have made significant advancements. This advancement has a number of unintended consequences, some of which you may not even want to be enabled. Nudges on Gmail and Google Messages is one of them. How can you stop Nudges in your Google apps and what are they? You can follow this short instruction to get through it.

What are Nudges in Gmail and Google Messages? How to disable Nudges in Google Messages Nudges in Gmail WHY DO GMAIL AND GOOGLE MESSAGES CONTAIN NUDGES? Everyone has been there. You convince yourself you’ll answer in a moment when you receive an email or message from a friend or coworker. Well, time passes and you don’t say anything. Nudges were created specifically for this situation.

On Android, nudges essentially serve as a push in the proper direction from Gmail or Messages to remind you to either respond or deal with the topic. These Google apps utilize machine learning to recognize critical interactions that, after a predetermined amount of time, require attention. You might see this functionality in various ways depending on the app. For instance, a Nudge in Gmail will appear as though an email has been moved to the top of your inbox. You’ll notice the previous email at the top of your inbox with a message suggesting as such if Gmail believes you need to answer or you should follow up and email again.

Nudges seem pretty similarly in Google Messages. The conversation will jump to the top of your messages if Google Messages determines that you need to follow up, and a little notification will appear asking you if you believe you should respond. The Nudge vanishes once you send another message in that discussion.

They leave you in one of two camps, depending on which app you see them in: either you despise them or you love them. Even though some people love Android nudges, if you frequently receive them, they can become a little bothersome. Thankfully, Google Messages and Gmail are selective about which discussions get a Nudge.

HOW TO TURN OFF NUMBER PUSHES IN GOOGLE MESSAGES It is necessary to disable nudges within Google Messenger. It simply takes a few seconds and is really simple to complete. Here’s how to stop Google Messenger from sending Android nudges:

GMAIL NUDGES Nudges can be turned on or off in Gmail for each associated Google Account. Additionally, these methods apply to both Android and iOS smartphones. As follows:

You should go to the Gmail app on your device. Tap the hamburger menu in the top-left corner. Click Settings at the bottom of the page. Select the Gmail account for which Nudges should be turned off. Nudges can be found once you scroll down. After replying, click the Follow Up button. The Nudges section is in very small blue font, please take note. It will be towards the middle-top of your screen if you scroll all the way to the bottom. Select neither of the checkboxes.

The end! Unless you decide that you kind of miss them, nudges won’t disturb you ever again. Nudges are a fantastic tool, but they aren’t appropriate for all Google Accounts and users. There’s a reason you can toggle Nudges for each Gmail account when it comes to that service.

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