I use Google Discover on a daily basis because it is such a great tool. Sadly, even excellent programs have some functions that you might want to turn off for a variety of reasons. Autoplay for the video preview is one of those functions. Here’s how to turn off YouTube autoplay for Google Discover videos.

What are YouTube video previews in Google Discover? How to disable YouTube video autoplay in Google Discover More on Google Discover: WHAT DO GOOGLE DISCOVER’S YOUTUBE VIDEO PREVIEWS DO? Google Discover is excellent for discovering fresh and helpful content on all the topics your device considers relevant to you. It is primarily used as a newsfeed. You can locate YouTube videos in addition to those articles, whether they show up as full cards or in a carousel that resembles Google Stories.

You might notice that the YouTube video displayed when you come across one of these videos on Google Discover immediately begins to play. Even though the YouTube video doesn’t fully start, Google Discover will show you a preview of it.

HOW TO TURN OFF THE AUTOPLAY OF YOUTUBE VIDEOS IN GOOGLE DISCOVER You may easily block these films from playing automatically in your Google Discover feed if you want not to. The YouTube videos displayed in Google Discover will then show up as still cards. If you don’t have infinite network data or simply don’t want to watch these autoplayed previews when browsing through your feed, you might want to do this. In either case, it is extremely easy to disable this feature.

Here’s how to stop Google Discover from automatically playing YouTube videos:

Go to the Google app on your Android device. Tap your profile photo in the top-right area of the screen. Tap Settings near the bottom of the new menu that displays. Press General. Find Autoplay video previews by browsing. Tap it. Select Never, Only on Wi-Fi, or On Wi-Fi and mobile data from the options.

Choosing The last two choices control when these autoplayed video previews will appear, while Never entirely disables it. One of the greatest ways to prevent data loss while browsing your Google Discover feed is to do this.

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