Motorola introduced the Moto G Stylus 5G and it has turned out to be a really excellent smartphone. The phone’s battery life is excellent, and that is true of the majority of Motorola’s phones. If you own this phone and are interested in learning how to extend the battery life even further, you can. Here’s how to extend the life of the battery in your Moto G Stylus 5G.

We have more helpful information regarding this phone before we begin. To begin with, Android Headlines gave it a thorough evaluation. It describes several features of this phone, including the processor and camera. That is a fantastic place to start learning more about the Moto Stylus 5G.

Additionally, if you own this phone and want to learn how to modify the theme to your taste, check out our guide. To fully customize the software, it walks you through each step of customizing every visual component.

Advertisement HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR MOTO G STYLUS 5G’S BATTERY Many businesses place a high priority on getting strong battery life, but few of them succeed. For the Moto G Stylus 5G, Motorola was able to get everything just perfect. Even though that is the case, there are still several techniques you may employ to extend the life of this 5,000mAh cell.

LOWER THE SCREEN’S LUMINOSITY Let’s begin with a straightforward one. The display of a phone is one of its main power consumers. The battery will discharge more quickly if the display brightness is set to 100% constantly. Because of this, maintaining a reasonable level of screen brightness will help you conserve battery life. You can reduce the brightness if you’re in a dimly lit area and reserve full brightness for outside in the sun.

APPLY ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS You can let the phone adjust the brightness for you if you don’t want to do it yourself every time the lighting changes. The adaptive brightness feature is available for use. As a result, the displays’ brightness will be adjusted automatically to match the ambient lighting.

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Moto g stylus battery 5
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Go to your settings and the Display settings page to turn it on. Near the top of the page, you can find the Adaptive brightness option. To turn on the switch, tap on it. You should notice a quick darkening of your screen if you’re in a relatively dark setting.

MAKE THE DISPLAY REFRESH RATE LOWER The 1080p, 120Hz display that comes with the Moto G Stylus 5G is pretty amazing. The problem is that the increased refresh rate requires more battery power. The good news is that you can change that.

Advertisement Locate the Display refresh rate settings page under Display settings. You will notice three alternatives there. Your phone’s refresh rate will drop if you tap the 60Hz option. By lowering it to 60Hz, the display will utilize less battery life.

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There is an automatic option that will decide when to enhance the refresh rate to 120Hz and when to decrease it to 60Hz depending on what you’re using if you still want to have a high refresh rate in some situations. The phone will automatically drop the refresh rate if you are viewing static images or reading an ebook.

Advertisement SWITCH TO A DARK THEME Moving from the display to the user interface, your phone will consume more energy if it uses a lot of vibrant colors on white backgrounds. The UI is completely darkened when using a dark theme. Previously white backgrounds change to a dark gray tint. All of Google’s first-party apps and other well-known apps will experience this change. Battery life is improved by using a dark theme throughout the software.

REDUCING BACKGROUND APP PROCESSES (IMG 5–IMG 6–IMG 7) Another major reason for power consumption isn’t related to the display and isn’t even anything you can see. It is the entire collection of background-running applications.

Most programs need to carry out tasks even while you aren’t using them in order to work effectively. Because of this, Google Assistant may listen for your voice whether or not the app is open.

Advertisement The cost of this functionality is that background-running apps drain battery life. Knowing how to keep an eye on which programs are operating in the background and stop the worst offenders is crucial.

Navigate to your settings, select Battery settings, and then press on Battery use. You can view your current battery level as well as a list of the apps that consumed the most battery over the previous 24 hours there. You’ll land on a new page after tapping the app. You can see how long the app has been running since the last full charge and how long it has been operating in the background in the top-right corner, directly beneath the app icon.

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Advertisement You’ll notice three choices below the Open, Disable, and Force Stop buttons. These will regulate how the operating system handles background operations for these apps. The system will allow the program to function in the background uninterrupted if Unrestricted is chosen. The least battery-friendly approach is this one.

There is a Restricted option at the bottom. Most or all of the background processes for the apps will be stopped using this technique. As you may expect, this technique is the most battery-friendly. Make sure to only do this for apps that can continue to run in the foreground while still performing their core job.

The intermediary is a middle-ground choice. Using this, the system determines which apps to block based on the ones you use the most frequently. Only the apps that you use the most will receive priority.

Advertisement SELECT BATTERY SAVING MODE If you want to save battery life on your Moto G Stylus 5G, there are a ton of things to consider. But what if you prefer an automated approach? In fact, there is! Return to your battery settings and select Battery Saver from the menu.

Moto g stylus battery 5


Moto g stylus battery 5


You will then be sent to a page where you can turn on this setting. You should be able to activate this option by tapping on a quick setting as well. Combining the aforementioned battery-saving methods is what the battery saver mode will achieve. The display will become darker, the user interface will switch to dark mode, the refresh rate will slow down, and fewer background app processes will run.

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