Do you have a floor plan for your office that you can distribute immediately in the event of a disaster or for any other cause that requires strangers to visit the building? Do you give visitors enough emergency information, including a meeting place outside in case of a fire, if you rent out a holiday home or even just a few rooms in your house?

It’s never fun to think about emergency preparedness, but it’s much better to plan ahead and be ready than to wish you had been when a crisis strikes.

Here’s a quick task to help you be more ready: Make floor blueprints, emergency escape maps, and any other documentation you require. If you follow our instructions, you can complete this in approximately an hour.

A DIAGRAMMING APP WITH TEMPLATES IS A MUST Using free, extremely user-friendly diagramming applications that are available online is the key to doing this project quickly. These programs include templates for charts, maps, diagrams, and other types of images. When using templates, all you have to do is sort of rearrange the furniture. Nothing needs to be drawn from scratch.

” alt=”A phone tree made using diagramming software and a template that was originally meant to be an org chart”>

Even if you are unable to get the precise template you require, you may always use another similar diagram to serve your needs. For instance, conceptually, a vertical org chart and a phone tree are very similar.

TAKE AN HOUR TO PREPARE BETTER You should be able to create the majority of the most crucial disaster preparedness documents you want in an hour or so thanks to diagramming tools’ ease of use. Get a few crucial files made on any Friday afternoon when you’re feeling exhausted from other tasks or on a Saturday morning at home for personal paperwork.

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