Since the release of Android 12, you may easily transfer all of your crucial data from an outdated iPhone to a new Google Pixel or Android device using a cable. For those without a cable, switching to Android is a fantastic choice. Here’s how to do it.

For individuals looking to switch from Android to iOS, Google has created the Switch to Android app, which is similar to the one that can be found on the Play Store. Most recently updated or restored Android devices should be compatible with this brand-new application.

In some situations, you might need to complete the initial Android setup process and download any necessary system upgrades before you can access the new wireless option for transferring some of your most crucial iPhone data.

However, the best approach to transfer all of your iPhone data to an Android phone is over a wire. Even SMS messages and any downloaded apps fall inside this category. To make sure that all of your data is fully synced, our recommendation is to utilize a lightning to USB-C connector whenever possible.

Video How to use the Switch to Android app for iOS {Video} Download the Switch to Android app on your iPhone or iPad Setup your restored or fresh Android phone Connecting your iOS and Android phones Disable iMessage How to Switch to an Android App for iOS (VIDEO)

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The initial screen of Switch to Android when you run it for the first time includes an app explainer explaining what exactly you may copy from your iPhone to your new Android phone, including photographs, movies, contacts, and more. This is typical Google behavior.

ON YOUR IPHONE OR IPAD, DOWNLOAD THE SWITCH TO ANDROID APP. From the App Store, get the Switch to Android app. For whatever reason, this might not come up in a search on the App Store. If yes, download the app on your iPhone or iPad using this direct link . Accept the recognition of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Tap OK to enable camera access. Install Android on a new or restored phone

Make sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone when starting from a restored or fresh launch state, then proceed through the initial setup procedure until you reach the Copy applications and data page. When prompted to find your old devices’ cable, tap Next. Tap No cable? now. then click Continue. Just below the animated switching phones glyph, tap the prompt that says “Switching from iPhone or iPad.” To ensure that the events from your new iOS Calendar are synchronized to your new Android device, first provide location access and then enter your Google Account. Continue to the website to use your iPhone or iPad’s camera to scan the QR code. HOW TO SET UP YOUR IOS AND ANDROID PHONES

Scan the QR code - how to use switch to android

Connecting to your Android - how to use switch to android

Scan the QR code on your new Android phone using the QR code scanner. Switch to Android Wants to Join Wi-Fi Network andlt;device nameandgt;? will show as a popup. then select Join. Your two phones will try to connect when the screen “Getting ready to connect” appears. On your iPhone/iPad and Android phone, tap the Can’t scan QR code? button to manually connect your devices using a network password and direct IP address information if you run into issues during the connecting process. A new prompt stating Switch to Android would like to find and connect to devices on your local network will show once both devices are connected. To begin, hit OK from here. You may now specify which information, such as Contacts, Calendar events, Photos, and Videos, gets replicated from your iOS device. There is a caution underneath these toggles explaining that only media stored locally on your iPhone will be transferred to your new Android device; data stored in your iCloud will be handled later. Tap Continue once you’ve made your decision. You will now be asked to provide access to each of the sections you have chosen. Just press OK to grant access. Your iPhone or iPad’s data should now start to transfer to your Android phone. On the Android platform

On your new Pixel or Android phone, this process will run in the background while you carry out the setup. DELETE IMAGE

Disable iMessage - how to use switch to android

The Switch to Android app will invite you to turn off iMessage on your iPhone or iPad using a specific toggle. Even if you’ve already turned off iMessage on your device, this will still show up. In the final step, you can ask Google Photographs to copy photos from your iCloud account. This makes sure that everything that isn’t locally stored on your iPhone gets moved to your Google Account and not forgotten. On the Android platform

A new screen will show the exact data that has been successfully transferred. Now that the initial setup of your device has been completed, hit Done to move on. You should be able to access all of your Contacts, Photos, Videos, and Calendar information on your Android phone now that the procedure has been successfully finished. As we’ve already stated, if you want a complete copy of everything on your iPhone operating on your new Android phone, we still strongly advise transferring your data with a lightning to USB-C connector.

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