Why not match the Google Pixel 6a’s stunning display with an equally stunning theme? There are some helpful choices in Android 12 (Android 13 will be available on this phone soon) to customize the theme’s appearance and feel to your preferences. Here is a helpful instruction if you want to know how to change the theme on your Pixel 6a.

HOW TO CHANGE THE WALLPAPER You might choose to start with the wallpaper if you want to customize the theme on your Pixel 6a. On the home screen, press and hold your finger down on a free area. A little window with a few options will appear. Click on the Wallpaper and Style tab in the top column.

The central location for customizing the wallpaper may be found here. You can see a sample of how your current wallpaper will appear on the home screen and lock screen up top. The Google wallpaper collection will appear when you tap the Change wallpaper button. These wallpapers are available in a wide variety and are all categorized.

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You only need to tap on the category to select the wallpaper you wish to use. You’ll see a preview of your home screen and lock screen with the new wallpaper applied when you tap on the wallpaper you want to use. Swipe the wallpaper into the desired position, then hit the checkmark to assign it.

Since Google’s wallpaper collection is online-based, it will occasionally be refreshed with fresh images.

Advertisement MODIFICATION OF SYSTEM COLOR Dynamic Color, a function that analyzes the dominant colors in your background, was introduced with Android 12. Then, it builds a bespoke color scheme for the UI based on those colors. If your wallpaper is an ocean, the software will have a lot of blues; if it’s a desert, it will have a lot of oranges and yellows.

Go back to the Wallpaper and Style options you previously visited if you wish to change the color. You’ll see some circles with pieces broken up beneath the preview. You can apply these unique themes to the user interface. There are only four choices if your Pixel 6a is running Android 12. On Android 13, there are 16 options available.

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Pixel 6a Theme how to 2


Advertisement The color scheme immediately changes when you tap on one of those circles. Simply swipe through the themes until one catches your eye. If the colors of the wallpaper don’t appeal to you, click the Basic colors icon up top to explore some other color options.

You will have four options on Android 12 and sixteen on Android 13. Even some dual-tone options are available on Android 13.

THEME OF DARK AND LIGHT You have the option to switch between a light and dark aesthetic for the device in addition to adjusting the UI’s color scheme. The light theme should be activated by default on your phone. The menus, backdrops, and other UI components will therefore be of a brighter color.

Advertisement You can, however, switch to dark mode if you prefer a darker theme. This will make those components appear darker all around. You can activate this mode in a number of ways. The choice ought to be included in your Quick Settings. You must update your quick settings and move it to a visible location if you can’t see it.

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Pixel 6a Theme how to 6

Additionally, you will find the option on the Display settings page of your system settings. You’ll see it when you visit your wallpaper settings, which is the last but not least. Simply scroll down a little.

Advertisement THEN, MODIFY THE ICONS The icons can be customized as a part of theme tweaking. You can alter the icons using a few different choices. You can utilize themed icons by going back to the Wallpaper and Style settings and selecting that option.

The color scheme you’ve chosen for the system is reflected in the theme icons. The icons will display the colors of your wallpaper if you enabled Dynamic Color. Just be aware that, for the most part, only Google apps will use customized icons. Themed apps like LinkedIn, Bundled Notes , and Reddit are gradually being included into third-party apps.

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Pixel 6a Theme how to 1


Advertisement APEX GRID The next setting is both attractive and useful. The grid that the icons on the home screen are displayed on can be modified. Return to the Wallpaper and style preferences and scroll all the way to the bottom. You will see the App grid settings page there.

Five possibilities are available for your app grid on this page: 55, 44, 45, 33, and 22. The icons will enlarge as the numbers decrease. Thus, 55 will result in extremely small icons, whereas 22 will result in enormous icons.

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Pixel 6a Theme how to 7

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