With so many password management services available, it may be tempting to set one as your Android device’s default autofill provider. Unfortunately, we’ve found that using third-party password providers causes issue after fault. This article will show you how to customize the password autofill settings on your Pixel or Samsung device.

What is password autofill on Android? Which apps does Androids autofill feature work with? Changing your autofill settings on your Android device On Pixel On Samsung Galaxy More on Android how-tos: WHAT DOES ANDROID’S PASSWORD AUTOFILL DO? Like Google Chrome, which you may already be familiar with, Google offers its own password manager. The passwords you store in Google Password Manager are accessible from various devices, including your Android phone, because they are stored in the cloud. Even though the backend of the password manager is the same, it has a different user interface (UI) for Android and is backed by Google Play services.

You can simply access your passwords on your Android device in a huge variety of apps and websites if password autofill is enabled in your settings. Android’s autofill function will enable you choose your credentials and fill in your information for you so you don’t have to manually type out your passwords just by opening an app and starting the login procedure. This is useful if you create secure passwords using a mixture of random letters, symbols, and numbers.

WHAT APPS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID’S AUTOFILL FEATURE? The company’s own password manager is not the only place where Google’s password autofill technology can be used. Instead, autofill may access information from a wide range of apps, including well-known ones like LastPass and 1Password. You can choose them in Android’s autofill settings as long as you log into those apps and have them filled with a few to hundreds of passwords. No matter the app you use to store your passwords, it is now simple to access them.

Unfortunately, utilizing a third-party program occasionally can lead to problems. For instance, I’ve relied on LastPass for years. The app has recently been uncooperative with Android’s autofill feature. Recently, when you open new apps and log in, the LastPass app pops up right away, removing you from the previous app.

If I were attempting to log in using saved credentials, this would typically be OK. Unfortunately, LastPass and Android’s autofill functionality have had trouble communicating, and even creating an account in-app causes LastPass to yank you away and require authentication.

Although it might not be a frequent issue, it could lead someone to abandon some third-party services and use Google’s built-in password manager.

modifying your Android device’s autofill settings You can easily change the preferred password autofill app on your Android smartphone in the settings, regardless of the password-saving app you want to use—whether it’s a third-party or Google-developed one. Here’s how to modify the settings for your Pixel or Samsung Galaxy device’s password autofill.

OVER PIXEL Swipe down twice (or use two fingers) on your Pixel , then hit the settings cog to access your settings. Tap Passwords andamp; accounts after scrolling down. Tap the service indicated under Autofill service. Select a service that you want to use. Tap Ok after confirming your trust in the service.

DUE TO SAMSUNG GALAXY Swipe down and tap the settings cog on your Samsung device to access the settings menu. Select General management by swiping down. To autofill passwords, tap Passwords. Tap the active service under Autofill service. Select the service that you want to use. Verify that you believe the app.

The end! Once you select a new service, that app will ask you whether or not you wish to automatically populate passwords when logging into other apps. As previously indicated, there can be issues when utilizing a third-party program. We advise using Google’s password-saving feature if you want the simplest option.

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