OEMs are compelled to provide new software capabilities for foldables in order for customers to fully benefit from the new form-factor. It’s especially important for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 because the main display is virtually square. The majority of apps are accustomed to operating on screens with a rectangular aspect ratio, such as 18:9. And Multi-Window comes into play here.

Actually, multi-window is nothing new. It was first introduced by Samsung on the Galaxy Note line about ten years ago. But since then, things has changed. You can open apps in different windows across the screen on your Galaxy Z Fold 4 by using the multi-window mode. Simply slide downward from the corner to change the window’s size. On your display, you might have a lot of windows open. This functions on Samsung tablets as well.

Today, we’ll demonstrate how to make all apps use multi-window mode by default. Since some do not include it by default, Instagram is particularly noteworthy. However, the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s experimental functionality lets you push apps like Instagram into multi-window mode.

Advertisement HOW TO FORCE ALL APPS ON THE SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 4 TO MULTI-WINDOW You must first enter the Settings application.
Screenshot 20220825 090220 Settings Medium”>

Screenshot 20220825 090220 Settings Medium

Next, touch on the Advanced Features link after scrolling down to it.
Advertisement Then select Labs, which ought to be near the bottom.
Screenshot 20220825 090229 Settings Medium,

Screenshot 20220825 090229 Settings Medium

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You may now see a number of Fold 4 experimental features on the Labs website. Multi-Window should be the first choice. To activate it, tap on that.

Advertisement After it is finished, all applications will support operating in multi-window mode. You will now notice a popup stating that multi-window may not function with all apps when you launch apps like Instagram. However, it strangely integrates with Instagram rather well.

Screenshot 20220825 090309 One UI Home Medium,

Screenshot 20220825 090309 One UI Home Medium

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That’s it. Now, every software supports multi-window usage.


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