This year’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a new function that lets you duplicate the arrangement of your cover screens onto the main display and vice versa. So, regardless of the screen you’re using, you may have the same home screen. That’s a significant change from the past, when you had to handle everything yourself.

While there are a few drawbacks to doing this, such as the app drawer being divided in half on the main display, it is still rather simple to achieve. And today, we’re going to demonstrate how to do that.

REVERSE YOUR HOME SCREEN ONTO THE COVER DISPLAY: HOW TO We need to enable it first before we can reflect your home screen onto the Cover Display. So, to get started, navigate to Settings.

Advertisement On the Home Screen, tap.

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Then, near the top, you’ll notice a Cover Screen Mirroring option. Touch that.
Screenshot 20220830 090231 One UI Home Medium, advertisement

Screenshot 20220830 090231 One UI Home Medium

Open Cover Screen Mirroring now. Your home screen will now appear on the cover screen in reverse.

Before it will be reflected onto the main screen, you might need to set up your Cover Screen layout how you want it before it will work the other way around. You should therefore do this while configuring your Galaxy Z Fold 4 for the first time.

Advertisement SCREEN MIRRORING ON COVER Your settings will be backed up by Samsung so that you can simply restore them if you ever switch to another device. The Cover Screen Mirroring effectively divides the main display into two as well.

Therefore, the app drawer splits into two columns in addition to the first two pages of your cover screen appearing on the first screen of the main display. Having a crease down the center. Although it will take some getting used to, it shouldn’t be too challenging.

That’s it. You can mirror the layout of your main display to the cover screen in this way.


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