In a recent video, Google demonstrates how to get the most battery life out of your Pixel. Get the most out of your battery life is the title of the almost two-minute long video .

Google demonstrates how to extend the battery life of a Pixel phone. In essence, this tutorial demonstrates how to enable Adaptive Battery, Battery Saver, and Extreme Battery Saver. That’s pretty much it. It does give a quick explanation of those modes along the way.

In essence, you should always be using the adaptive battery mode. To save battery drain, your phone will learn your usage patterns and manage your apps. This function has been available for a while.

Advertisement On the other hand, Battery Saver activates your phone’s dark theme to make the battery last longer. Additionally, it restricts or disables background activity as well as some visual effects, functionality, and network connections.

But Extreme Battery Saver is far more assertive. Most apps and notifications will be paused. However, you can choose a few important apps that will continue to run while in that mode.

Battery Saver and Extreme Battery Saver are not intended to be used constantly. In contrast to Adaptive Battery, you should only use Energy Saver and Extreme Battery Saver if it is absolutely necessary for you to prolong battery life and reduce battery drain. Your phone won’t be able to perform to its full potential in those two modes.

Advertisement Of course, there are a lot of additional manual techniques to conserve battery. If your phone enables it, you can adjust your phone in a number of ways, from manually limiting specific apps to adjusting the display resolution or refresh rate.

Extreme Battery Saver The quickest methods of battery preservation, however, include Battery Saver. Those are one-tap fixes that can be very helpful.
The video from Google is included below if you’d like to watch it.

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