A fantastic small Android smartphone is the ASUS ZenFone 9. That much was learned both during and after our evaluation session. In addition to having a fantastic, portable design and impressive specifications, it also has excellent software. ZenUI is added to Android 12 on the ZenFone 9. Consider it to be the base Android operating system with a number of helpful features added. In this article, we’ll explain how to customize the ZenFone 9’s status bar icons, which is one among those features.

What makes this useful? You may now fully remove any icons from the status bar because of this capability. As your phone is always linked to your smartwatch, you can mute the Bluetooth connection symbol if you don’t want it to irritate you. If necessary, you can also turn off the mobile data icon and a number of others. Keep the status bar as uncluttered as you like. The clock is even removable if you so choose. Given that, I’ll demonstrate how to do everything here. Below is a step-by-step tutorial with related screenshots.

HOW TO CUSTOMIZE THE ZENFONE 9’S STATUS BAR ICONS You must access your phone’s Settings as a first step. You can accomplish that by using the app tray or by twice swiping down on the notification shade. Let’s follow the traditional procedure for the duration of this instruction. On the home screen, swipe up to reveal your app drawer.

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How to customize status bar icons ZenFone 9 image 1

“ZenFone 9 image 1 with the caption “How to personalize status bar icons”

When you do that, a number of options will appear in the Settings. Find the one you’re looking for under the Display sub-menu.

How to change the status bar icons on the ZenFone 9 is shown in image

How to customize status bar icons ZenFone 9 image 2

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Advertisement You’ll need to scroll down the Display settings page until you find the Status bar icon manager option. Opening in

How to customize status bar icons ZenFone 9 image 3

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There are several possibilities available here. Each icon that can be displayed in the status bar (aside from notification icons) is presented, along with a toggle. You can activate or disable that icon using this toggle, effectively preventing it from appearing at all. Look over the list and decide which items you require and which you do not. That’s all there is to it. Once you’re finished, just exit the menu, and you’re ready to go.

How to modify the status bar icons on the ZenFone 9 is shown in image

How to customize status bar icons ZenFone 9 image 4


There you go, the ASUS ZenFone 9’s status bar icons are now customized. Some users choose to disable the majority of such symbols in order to keep their status bar as clear as possible. The key is that you have choices, which is something that not many other smartphones let you do.


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