How many times have you sent an SMS only to discover after the fact that it was incorrect? Have you ever texted the incorrect person? Apple’s most recent version of iOS now allows users to edit and unsend messages, in case you were wishing there was a way to undo all those autocorrect gaffes.

But there are some restrictions to be aware of. Your message can only be edited or sent again within 15 minutes. Conversations with Android users are not supported by these capabilities because they only function with iMessage and not SMS or MMS messaging.

For access to these new capabilities, you must also be using iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 or above. You may sign up for the iOS 16 beta right now to test it out before the official release, which is anticipated for the fall. Here’s how you can change or cancel a message.


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(Credit: Lance Whitney/PCMag) Now suppose you want to remember a complete text; perhaps you sent the incorrect person the wrong message. Long-press on a text and select Undo Send from the pop-up menu to fully recall it. You are informed that the SMS was not sent. The recipient no longer sees the message at the same moment.

It should be noted that the recipient will also get a message letting them know that you haven’t texted them back after your discussion. Those who have not updated to iOS 16 or who use Android devices will still see the unsent message, so take caution.

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