We currently live in a time when mobile devices govern the planet. On our phones, we do practically everything. The best way to stay in touch with friends and loves is through a mobile phone. Today, blocking the phone number of the ex-partner is the easiest approach to move on after a breakup.

Ever been blocked or worried about being blocked. Fear not, we have the answer that will enable you to determine whether you are blocked or not. Deasilex has done extensive research on the subject and has finally identified a few methods that will help you. You can get in touch with the individual who has blocked your number if you are aware that they have done so.

There are several ways to determine whether someone has blocked your phone number or not. Calling the person and listening to their responses on the other end of the line can be used to do this.

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How to tell if someone blocked your number We have also revealed a number of strategies that we might use to get in touch with the individual who has blocked your phone number.

HOW TO DETERMINE IF YOU ARE BLOCKED There are several methods we can use to determine if someone has blocked us or not. Read the methods provided in the article below to determine if you have been blocked.

NO RESPONSE IS RECEIVED The absence of responses to your texts is the first sign that someone has blocked your phone number. If you are sending messages while someone has blocked you, this will happen. Despite the network indicating that your communications have been sent, the recipient on the other end has never seen them. You would never receive a text message reply if that were the case. However, it cannot be guaranteed that you are blocked if you do not reply to the texts. It’s possible that the person you’re messaging is ignoring you.

ARRANGED FOR VOICE MAIL If you have any doubts about someone blocking you, call them. It is customary to be directed to voice mail after hearing the entire caller tune, which is what will happen. They might be preoccupied.

But if, after the first or second call, you are put through to the voice mailbox, there may be a problem. However, since there could be a network issue, it would be best to phone them once again to get a confirmation. If someone has blocked your number, this by itself won’t help you.

AVOID JUMPING TO EARLY CONCLUSIONS If you receive a voicemail message right away. Don’t presume that you have been denied access. As you won’t receive a specific message about being banned, we are aware that there is no precise way to determine if you have been blocked by someone. After one or two calls, the phone on the other end will redirect to voicemail, which also indicates that it is dead or turned off. It is preferable to be certain before making any decisions.

CONFIRMATION Before assuming that the other party has blocked your number, you must get confirmation. Try calling the individual you are unsure about from a different number or a friend’s phone in order to do this. It is certain that their phone is dead if the call ends after one attempt, but if the phone rings and the recipient picks up the call, you have been blocked, my friend.

Reminder: The person you are doubting cannot be phoning from the other number.

OTHER WAYS TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE PERSON WHO BLOCKED YOUR NUMBER If you have now received confirmation that your partner or ex has blocked you. Don’t be depressed; Deasilex is sensitive to your needs. We are here to provide you with other methods of getting in touch with the person who has blocked your phone number.

USE *67 You can access the blocked phone’s ringing bells by dialing the blocked number with the prefix *67. The private number will appear on the other party’s caller ID instead of your name or phone number. So, this is one method of getting in touch with the individual who blocked your phone number.

USE THE SECTION ON YOUR PHONE Well, a lot of us are ignorant of this smartphone feature. You can conceal your caller id in the network id of your phone’s caller id. Follow the instructions below to enable the functionality.

IF IOS Launch the Settings program. Find the phone by looking. Touch it. Search for Show My Caller Id right now. Turn it off GOOGLE ANDROID Access your phone’s settings. Lookup Call Settings Go to More Settings Next, select Caller ID, and finally select Hide Number. NAVIGATE TO SOCIAL MEDIA Your phone number being blocked shouldn’t deter you. Use social media to try to contact her. You won’t be blocked from social media if you simply block the number. Send her a message on social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook , or WhatsApp. But wait until she calms down; otherwise, she’ll also block you there.

CONCLUSION We hope the information in this tutorial was sufficient for you to determine who has blocked your phone number. Deasilex has done extensive research on how to approach the person since we care about your sentiments, but be careful not to act inappropriately as this could get you into difficulty.

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