The most recent flagship model from ASUS is the ZenFone 9. There are a variety of factors that make this phone fascinating, but its compact size is the main one. It is a rare find in the Android market to find a flagship-grade phone that is both engaging and not overly huge. It is a step up from its predecessor and doesn’t take any significant short cuts. Our comprehensive evaluation contains more information on that. Here, we’ll demonstrate how to configure a Smart Key on your brand-new ASUS ZenFone 9.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the phone is the Smart Key. It alludes to the side-mounted multipurpose power/lock key. That key has a touch panel and a fingerprint scanner in addition to being a power/lock key. Additionally, you can give it double-tap and long-press functions. So the ZenFone 9 is quite adaptable, and if you use its Smart Key, you can use it to be much more productive. To give you a complete picture, I’ll go into more detail about it below.

SMART KEY SETUP FOR THE ASUS ZENFONE 9 HANDSET I’ll walk you through the process step by step. To make it easier for you to follow along on your phone, we’ve also included screenshots of each of those stages below. Let’s get started by demonstrating one of the ZenFone 9’s most distinctive features.

Advertisement You must access your phone’s Settings as a first step. You may accomplish this by locating the Settings app in your app drawer, or by lowering your notification shade and selecting the gear icon. You are in charge. However, we choose to use the app drawer in the screenshot below.

How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key picture 1 (

How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 1


There are two ways to get to the Smart Key once you’re in the ZenFone 9 Settings. You have two options: either manually enter clever key into the search bar at the top, or use it. For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to do it manually. The Advanced menu can be located in the Settings in that manner.

How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 2

‘s alt text reads, “How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key picture 2.”

You can find the Smart key submenu once you’ve accessed the Advanced menu. Tap it.
How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 3 (

How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 3


Advertisement VERY VARIABLE IS THE SMART KEY We have reached the enjoyable part now. This feature is extremely adaptable, as was said at the beginning. This menu has several categories, including Swipe, Press twice, and Press and hold. Let’s discuss each of the three independently.

How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 4″ img7

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If the Press twice switch is not already on, the first thing you must do is turn it on. The power key’s double-tap functionality will thereafter be enabled. You can set it to do a variety of tasks, such as launching Google Assistant and turning on voice input, opening a particular app, or performing a quick access action. Personally, I have it set to launch the Camera app on the phone. That provides me an enormously fast way to access the camera at all times, even when the display is off.

How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 5
How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 1

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You can assign a specific action to pressing and holding the power key by using the Press and hold option. Once more, you have the option of using Google Assistant, voice input, customizing the gadget to your liking, or turning it off. You may set it to whatever you choose, but I use it to turn the gadget off the old-fashioned way.

How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 6 (

How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 1


How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 1


Advertisement THE SWIPE 0PTION IS DIFFERENT The most intriguing option is Swipe, which gives this button a somewhat different feel. Similar features can be found on the Pixel 4a and Galaxy S10e. This button features a touch panel inside, allowing you to activate it by swiping from top to bottom across it. You have a lot of options to pick from here. It can be used to play/pause media, quickly scroll to the beginning or conclusion of a webpage, reload a page, and scroll through your media content. The final option, which is what I use it for, allows you to reduce the notification shade. Whatever you are now doing on your device, you can reach the notification shade by simply swiping across it. Without a doubt, this greatly reduces the need for hand gymnastics.

How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 7 (

How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 1


How to ZenFone 9 Smart Key image 1


You now have it. One of the more intriguing features on the actual gadget is the Smart Key, which is very interesting. I become so accustomed to it on this phone that I keep trying to swipe across the power buttons on other devices without success. So, take heed—you might experience the same thing.


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