One of this year’s more intriguing smartphones is the ASUS ZenFone 9. In reality, ASUS was able to create a true flagship that is incredibly small. Along with stock-like software, the ZenFone 9 also has a variety of ASUS-added features, the great majority of which are really helpful. One of these is the ZenFone 9’s capability to modify the camera modes, and we’ll teach you how to accomplish it.

The ZenFone 9 does not, in any way, have exclusive access to this feature. Other OEMs may offer you to perform a comparable action, but the great majority do not. A feature like this is obviously quite helpful because it allows you to set up the ideal configuration for your camera requirements. In addition to photo and video, of course, you can only choose a small number of the modes you’ll actually utilize. As an illustration, you could only keep the portrait mode and add the night mode. There are countless options. See if you can accomplish it. Below are detailed instructions with corresponding screenshots.

HOW TO CUSTOMIZE THE ZENFONE 9’S CAMERA MODES Launching the stock camera app is the first thing you must do. We won’t be making such adjustments through the phone’s settings, but rather through the camera app. Simply slide up to access the app drawer and choose the camera mode.

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How to ZenFone 9 camera modes customize 1

“How to adjust the ZenFone 9 camera mode 1”

You then need to swipe over the camera modes that are located above the shutter button. To get to the final option, More, you must swipe from right to left.

How to ZenFone 9 camera modes customize 2

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Advertisement You can view the remaining camera modes that aren’t displayed on the carousel once you select the More option. Tap the pencil symbol in the top-right corner if you want to make a modification.

How to ZenFone 9 camera modes customize 3

“How to change the camera modes on the ZenFone 9”

You may now drag and drop camera modes to arrange them in the exact way you want them. Please be aware that the Photo and Video modes are fixed and cannot be changed. All other information is editable.


How to ZenFone 9 camera modes customize 4

” alt=”How to adjust the ZenFone 9 camera modes” “>

Holding down a certain mode and moving it somewhere else on the carousel or to the More area will put it out of sight and out of mind.

How to ZenFone 9 camera modes customize 5

“How to adjust the camera modes on the ZenFone 9”

Advertisement When you are through editing and are satisfied with how everything looks, select Save at the bottom.

How to modify the ZenFone 9 camera modes:

How to ZenFone 9 camera modes customize 1


How to ZenFone 9 camera modes customize 1

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You now have it. Now, above the shutter key on that carousel, you have access to all the camera modes you require. You may simply select whatever you need without any extra processes. Considering that different people prefer using different camera modes, this is really a feature that every phone should have.


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