Devices like Chromecasts and select TVs run the fantastic Google TV operating system. Here’s how to add or remove profiles in Google TV. Recently, Google offered the opportunity to add several profiles to the media hub.

Why add profiles to Google TV Adding profiles on Google TV What TVs let you add profiles? WHY ADD PROFILES TO GOOGLE TV There was previously a very little degree of customisation when it comes to being able to move between profiles on Google TV and many other operating systems. Naturally, such approach was comparable to that of practically every other service. Only at the app level was it possible to swap profiles.

For instance, you would need to open the Netflix app on Google TV and then select your own profile if you wanted to watch the shows you’ve saved there. You can then watch the personalised movies and TV shows you have selected.

With the option to add Google TV profiles, your experience is virtually already personalized. This implies that you receive quick access to all of the content you’ve saved and have on your list in addition to the recommended shows Google TV will make an effort to provide you. Not to mention, you also have immediate access to additional apps that enable you use your Google Account, as well as your YouTube and YouTube TV accounts.

PROFILES ON GOOGLE TV ADDING Adding profiles to Google TV is quite easy. Your Google Account login information and a little bit of patience are all you need. How to add a profile to Google TV is as follows:

Click the icon for your current profile in the top-right corner of the Google TV site. Either click Add account or click Settings to see the settings menu. Note: You can tap the top button if this is only your second account that you are adding. You must navigate to the Settings tab to add additional if you already have several. Find Accounts and Sign In under Settings and click it. To add an account, click. Use your Google Account username and password to log in. Accept the Terms of Service after signing in. You may then decide whether to use capabilities like voice recognition or app searches across all of your TV apps. The new profile setup won’t be canceled if you decline these options. After that, select the subscription services with which you currently utilize and have an account. Go crazy and select as many as you like! Afterward, click Confirm.

The end! When you’re done, your Google TV homepage will feature fresh tailored content in addition to other things. Simply click your profile picture and select Switch account under the profile name to change accounts.

Switch Account google TV

WHAT TVS ALLOW PROFILES TO BE ADDED? Anything that runs the OS can benefit from the new capability since Google TV allows you to add profiles. This places a few TV manufacturers and Chromecasts with Google TV at the top of that list:

Mecool KD3 Sony Bravia (2021 lineup and on) TCL 5-series, 6-series, and more models. All in all, profiles are a terrific new feature that enables many users to fully enjoy personalized content recommendations. The fact that Google TV is a highly recommended streaming OS is after all one of the key reasons for that.

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