The metaverse is a novel (and perplexing) environment. Additionally, the cost of the VR headset required to enter these virtual worlds can add up (not to mention the computer you need to power it all). However, if you’re genuinely interested in joining the metaverse but are put off by the cost, you can take part without spending all of your money on headgear.

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What makes using a VR headset different from not using one? Wearing equipment that obscures your view of the outside world allows you to fully immerse yourself in the environment displayed on the headset’s screen when you enter the metaverse using VR. The controllers you hold in each hand are used to interact with items and operate your avatar in the virtual environment, which gives the impression that it is there in front of you.

The visual elements are substantially less immersive when you don’t have a headset. Although you can control your avatar from a computer, you can’t really “become” them the way you could with a headset. Many of the same activities are still possible, but the controls are less immersive, and there is a greater distance between you and the outside world.


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Axie Infinity (Opens in a new window) : Fans of cryptocurrencies (particularly Ethereum) and NFTs may find this metaverse experience to be appealing.

Fortnite (Opens in a new window) : Fortnite is primarily an online gaming platform, but it has been incorporating more metaverse features over time, such as live performances (Travis Scott even held one) and a Creative mode where users can create their own virtual worlds and communicate with one another through in-game avatars during events.

Minecraft (Opens in a new window) : The sandbox game Minecraft allows users to explore a world, harvest materials, create structures, and transform it however they see fit. Instead of having all players interact in one location, Minecraft lets each user to create their own metaverse. You can still play online with pals, though.

Roblox (Opens in a new window) : The game platform and game-creation tool Roblox. In addition to playing games made by others, players can also develop their own games. The game contains an in-game currency system that users may use to buy things in specific games (and make real money ). It’s really well-liked, especially among children.

The Sandbox (Opens in a new window) . The Sandbox is a different game that uses Ethereum and lets you create anything you want in a virtual sandbox. Instead of having a goal to strive towards, gamers create, own, and profit from their gaming experiences.

VRChat (Opens in a new window) : VRChat enables you to communicate with others via their avatars, play games with them, and engage with the larger community. Think of chat rooms from the 1990s, but instead of just words on a screen, there are now avatars that can face each other in the eye and converse aloud.

Games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft may be the greatest places to start for individuals who are new to the metaverse. Virtual clothing has also become extremely popular. If you’re not much of a gamer, VRChat can let you concentrate more on the social element.

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