Google added the security patch as the sixth post-Android 12 update for all qualified Pixel devices at the beginning of May. An significant remedy for the Dirty Pipe exploit, which affects a few smartphones including the Pixel and Samsung Galaxy series, is included in this OTA version. Although it’s not quite obvious if this can impact other OEM hardware, it’s still a crucial repair.

OnePlus May 2022 security update

Although the most recent Android 12L/12.1 upgrade is currently unavailable for OnePlus phones, the Android 13 Beta phase has begun for the OnePlus 10 Pro. While it currently has a restricted availability, we anticipate that more devices will be able to receive this early preview of the upcoming OS upgrade. When it comes to Android updates, OnePlus is not nearly as quick off the mark as Samsung. The most recent security patch wasn’t made available to eligible devices until May 23.

The May 2022 security update has now been installed on a small number of OnePlus devices, but we anticipate a larger rollout in the days and weeks ahead.

OnePlus 10 series OnePlus 9 series OnePlus 8 series OnePlus 7 series OnePlus Nord series Devices still awaiting the May patch How can I get the May 2022 security patch on my OnePlus device?


ONEPLUS 10 SERIES Even if the OnePlus 10 series only includes the Pro model in international markets, it is still the newest and best smartphone made by the Chinese smartphone OEM. On May 23, OxygenOS 12 A.14 for the OnePlus 10 Pro started to circulate, bringing with it a variety of fixes and the most recent security patch. This is the initial OTA update for retail models after release.

Only India is presently offering the OnePlus 10R outside of China. It has a few hardware downgrades compared to the OnePlus 10 Pro but still uses OxygenOS, making it a more mid-range product. With OxygenOS A.04 and the OnePlus May update for 2022, the device is now beginning to receive its second post-release upgrade. OxygenOS A.04 includes camera and software fixes.

The India-only OnePlus 9R, which is based on the OnePlus 8T, is now receiving OxygenOS C.20 , which will please fans of the well-liked Oxygen Updater software. The most recent May 2022 security patch is also included in this build, which is the same as that used by the OnePlus 8 series.

The OnePlus 9 series didn’t receive the most recent security patch until the very last day of June 2022, but OxygenOS C.61 is now accessible for download. Without an official announcement just yet, this patch was seen rolling out on the OnePlus Forums (h/t OnePlus 10 series 0). There are several software patches, including ones for issues with camera crashes and network stability. All of that information is crucial, but at least a recent security patch is included.

Unofficially, but according to a post on the official OnePlus Forums, OnePlus 10 series 1 is now accessible for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. ONEPLUS 8 SERIES At this time, it’s unclear if this OTA will start rolling out for the OnePlus 8T, although it does include some general system improvements and the OnePlus May 2022 security update.

The OnePlus 8T is currently receiving OnePlus 10 series 2 as well, with a tiny changelog that only improves system stability and adds the most recent security patch. The OnePlus 8 series as a whole is now fully updated with onboard security thanks to this patch.


Given the brand’s pivot to target the luxury class, some would contend that the OnePlus 7 series was the most significant. While that may undoubtedly be contested, the OnePlus 7 and 7T series is getting older and older. Over time, updates will become less frequent, although regular fixes should continue to be released until support is formally terminated.

For the OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7T, and 7T Pro, OnePlus 10 series 3 is currently rolling out, while the patch OnePlus 10 series 4 merely adds May’s security bulletin. Unfortunately, we will need to wait a little longer before Android 12 and OxygenOS 12 arrive on one of the greatest affordable flagship lineups of 2019.


OnePlus 10 series 5, which includes the most recent security patch and a lot of critical software fixes, started rolling out to the recently announced OnePlus Nord 2T on May 23. This inexpensive successor to last year’s OnePlus Nord 2 has only minor improvements to a winning recipe.

The Nord 2T, which it replaced, is already beginning to receive the OnePlus 10 series 6 update, which also includes the most recent security patch. The main drawback is that at this time, updating is only possible through the Android 12 beta phase.

The OnePlus 10 series 7 update for the OnePlus Nord N20 5G only includes the patch as part of the standard OTA, with little else changed. On May 25, the OnePlus Nord CE began to receive OnePlus 10 series 8, which included only the most recent May 2022 security patch.

The May 2022 security patch is included in OxygenOS A.08, the first post-launch upgrade for the recently introduced OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite. With this comprehensive Android 12 upgrade, the original OnePlus Nord in India has received a significant OnePlus 10 series 9 update that contains the May security patch. In the upcoming weeks, it is unclear if this will be made available outside of the area.

The entire May 2022 security patch is also available for the OnePlus Nord N10 5G, albeit it is only available in a few locations, following the OnePlus 9 series 0 OTA update in European and international markets. The most recent security update is all that this patch adds.


OnePlus devices still waiting for the OnePlus May 2022 security update

A much bigger portion of the OnePlus hardware portfolio is still updated with earlier 2022 security patches, with all models listed below, even if only a very small number of devices are receiving the most recent patch. Due to the frequent biweekly rhythm on which updates are distributed, some devices may have already received a patch before its wider deployment.

It’s also significant to note that OnePlus has formally affirmed that over the upcoming months, the 6 and 6T series will no longer get updates or support. Mid-November saw an unexpected update for the 2018 flagship pair, who would now only receive unofficial third-party support going forward.

Series 10 of OnePlus
OnePlus 9 series, OnePlus 10 Pro (March 2022 patch), and OnePlus 10R (March 2022 patch).

the OnePlus 8 series, the OnePlus 9 (April 2022 patch), the OnePlus 9 Pro (April 2022 patch), the OnePlus 9R (November 2021 patch), and the OnePlus 9RT (March 2022 patch).

OnePlus 7 series, OnePlus 8 (with February 2022 patch), OnePlus 8 Pro (with February 2022 patch), and OnePlus 8T (with February 2022 patch)
OnePlus Nord series, OnePlus 7 (April 2022 patch), OnePlus 7 Pro (April 2022 patch), OnePlus 7T (April 2022 patch), and OnePlus 7 (April 2022 patch).

How do I install the May 2022 security patch on my Oneplus device? OnePlus Nord (March 2022 patch), OnePlus Nord CE (March 2022 patch), OnePlus Nord 2 (April 2022 patch), OnePlus Nord 2T (March 2022 patch), OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite (April 2022 patch), OnePlus Nord N10 5G (March 2022 patch), OnePlus Nord N20 5G (April 2022 patch), OnePlus Nord N100 (April 2022 patch), and OnePlus Nord N200 5

OnePlus May 2022 security update

Updates for devices from OnePlus frequently arrive in stages. This means that it’s not always clear from the first announcement and subsequent confirmation on the OnePlus Forums when you’ll be able to download an OTA file and update or patch your smartphone.

To receive updates on time, our recommendation is to use a third-party program. The community-run program enables sideloading of official files as soon as they become obtainable to the general public. While doing this will guarantee that you receive updates instantly, if you experience issues you might need to go back to an earlier build. If there are serious issues, a device reset may be necessary.

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OnePlus 9 series 2


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