The Look and Talk functionality for the Nest Hub Max that we have been watching was formally unveiled by the company during this past week’s Google I/O presentation. Just a few days later, it appears that feature is now being widely implemented.

Owners of the Nest Hub Max may now enable the Look and Talk function, which enables the onboard camera to detect your glance and activate the microphone for instructions without the Hey Google keyword, through a server-side update in the Google Home app. Internally, the feature is known as Bluesteel, an quite hilarious little inside joke .

Although it’s currently turned off by default, activating this function is not too difficult. To do that, open the Google Home app, then select your Nest Hub Max, and finally the settings for that device. The function may be found under the Face match menu under Recognition and sharing. To make it work, simply toggle on the setting.

Google provides a few more insights on the feature’s operation while enabling it. This also includes the five-foot range. The microphones will not activate unless you are within five feet of them. Google also reaffirms the usage of Face Match and Voice Match to verify that everything is functioning.

According to our tests, Google’s succinct description of how the feature operates makes sense. The mics don’t go off while I’m standing in the middle of my kitchen, around seven feet away. The mics don’t start listening until I’m close to the counter, which is closer to four feet away.

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