The Nintendo 64DD was reportedly given away to people who subscribed to Randnet, an internet service that let users to browse the web and even send and receive e-mail. The N64DD has a disc drive that could accommodate 64MB magnetic discs for data storage and connected to the bottom of the original console. The Nintendo 64DD had a brief existence and was never made available outside of Japan. Randnet was formally shut down in 2001, and the N64 disc drive’s manufacturing ceased (via IGN .)

According to Price Charting , these attachments are now extremely rare and sell for roughly $1,500 if you can find one. A full one that is still in its original box will probably cost you around $2,900. You can anticipate paying a substantially higher price of $7,830 or more for a unit that is still in new condition. Despite the device’s failure, it has become a novelty in the realm of retro gaming, which has driven up its price way beyond what it was worth in the past.

You can watch a video of a rare American version of the peripheral above. It appears that this model was only ever produced as a prototype for a product that would never ever be sold. Grab one of these if you see one at a garage sale!


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