Only six of the 25,000 “Zelda Limited Edition Pak” units were produced with a hidden golden ticket a la Willy Wonka that could be redeemed for something significantly more valuable. In exchange for one of these extremely rare Game Boy Advance SPs coated in genuine 24-karat gold, you might exchange a gold card you found for.

A seventh rune may have been created as a freebie for a website named GamesTM, according to The Nerdist’s analysis of Internet runes, but its existence has never been verified.

The fact that Nintendo or any of the winners have never been made public makes the 24-karat gold Game Boy rumor all the more odd. Apart from Nintendo’s original promotional design, the only evidence it ever happened were a few stock photos, a random old listing for one that popped up on an online store , and some alleged photos posted on a Spanish blog .


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