The Chinese giant Lenovo, which owns Motorola, recently conducted a virtual tech expo dubbed Lenovo Tech World ’22 where it provided customers and analysts a sneak peek at Lenovo’s upcoming products. A Motorola engineers’ rollable concept smartphone was among the products discussed at the occasion. The Motorola smartphone on display is little over 4 inches tall and extremely pocketable. When the device’s display is fully unrolled, it becomes a smartphone with a significantly larger 6.5-inch panel, which is the typical size for the majority of candy bar-styled smartphones available today.

Motorola revealed three operating modes for its concept smartphone: extended, small, and peek. Simply pressing a button on the device would activate any of the three states. Additionally, Motorola demonstrated a working early version of its rollable phone. Lenovo Executive VP Luca Rossi is shown holding the phone in the video and demonstrating how the rollable display stretches and how the on-screen content automatically resizes. The rollable laptop PC concept, which uses a similar technology to allow users access to more screen space without the need for an additional display, is also discussed in the Motorola blog post showcasing the rollable smartphone concept.

The prototype stages of Motorola’s idea devices with rollable displays are still ongoing. Although the business did not specify when these gadgets would go into production, given the quick development of foldable OLED panels, we might see these products in users’ hands in the next years.


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