The Atari Cosmos is a rare system because it has not yet been released, as you might expect. Only three of them are truly in completely operational form, and only six of them are now known to exist (according to Handheld Museum ). The remaining three are only unfinished prototypes. After being discovered in a storage unit outside San Francisco in 2010, one of these half functional Atari Cosmos was actually listed on eBay and sold for $7500. Sadly, because they are so hard to come by, this is probably the last time a working Atari Cosmos machine will be sold. Curt Vendel at the Atari Historical Society has a second functioning Cosmos console, while a former Atari employee owns the third Cosmos console.

However, you might be able to find a significant part of the Cosmos’ history. 18 of the hologram displays used in the system were sold in 2007 by an ex-Atari employee named Dan Kramer for $30 each, according to Wired . Even though they are a little less uncommon, these are easier to locate than the Cosmos console itself.

Other than the $7500 sale for a partially functional unit, it’s difficult to estimate the current market worth of an Atari Cosmos. It’s safe to assume that if one of these ever does pop up for sale again, especially a fully functional one, it won’t be inexpensive.


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