We asked you last week specifically which Google Pixel you were using on a daily basis. Now that the findings are in, they are fascinating to read.

To find out which Pixel readers of 9to5Google were actually using on a daily basis at this time last year, we conducted a reader survey. The Pixel 5 won that contest, but this time around, as you might anticipate, there has been a significant shift in favor of Google’s newest and best smartphone pair.

It is not very surprising that the Pixel 6 Pro received about 25% of the vote share. Additionally, the Pixel 6 receives 18% of the public vote, placing it in second place overall. This means that, when the data is scaled up appropriately, the two current Google flagship products represent about 43% of our readership.

Since more readers are now using last year’s flagship gadget on a regular basis, the Pixel 5 has fallen to third position as a result of this shift toward the Pixel 6 series. That indicates a decline of 6% in just one year. However, due to the size difference, some readers, like Jackson , have switched back to the Pixel 5 from the Pixel 6.

Chart showing just what Google Pixel 9to5Google readers are currently using daily

Approximately 8% of our readers are still using one of the best mid-ranger smartphones Google has ever offered, the Pixel 4a, which continues to rank within the top four of our readers’ most-used lists. This is the reason they’ll continue using the 4A for a little while longer, according to reader Art said that they hate phablets, . In contrast, the Pixel 4a 5G only manages to reach 4%.

It’s interesting to note that daily usage of the Pixel 4 XL has substantially decreased over the past 12 months; today, only 6% of our readers use the phone regularly, down from roughly 12% a year ago. Due to the fact that many mobile plans have a 24-month term, it’s possible that many owners have upgraded. But given that there is just one more stable Android build coming, that might account for some movement. Due to its low internal battery, the smaller Pixel 4 suffered greatly and only makes up 2.42% of our total readership.

Given that Google recently stopped supporting the Pixel 3 XL, nearly 5% of our readership claims to still use the device on a regular basis. One reader claims claims that the Pixel 6’s unreliable fingerprint sensor is the reason they have persisted with 2018’s smaller flagship Made by Google phone. An additional 4% of users are still using the Pixel 3.

Even though the Pixel 5a with 5G is only available in the US and Japan, it’s shocking to learn that only 4% of our readers are utilizing this low-cost model. Although it’s possible that many people choose to wait or get the base Pixel 6 since this was introduced just a few months before the Pixel 6 series.

Only 1.71% and 4% of our readers use the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, respectively. The pair will no longer receive software updates this year, and a final update based on Android 12.1 is anticipated very shortly.

The Pixel 2 XL is frequently the phone that longtime Pixel users cite as their favorite. Despite the popularity and passion for the device, Google no longer officially supports it, and as a result, only 2.27% of our users still use it. At this point in 2022, the less popular standard Pixel 2 accounts for a minuscule 1.26% of our visitors.

The original Pixel and Pixel XL serve as the list’s foundation. We applaud individuals willing to hold on and keep their gadgets alive despite the aged internals, as only 0.28% and 0.23% of our readers still use the 2016 Pixel series. Bravo to you.

It comes as absolutely no surprise that only 2.47% of our users claimed they do not use a Pixel smartphone at all as our website focuses primarily on Google. Even Reader Godwin admitted to holding onto a Nokia 5.1 Plus until the Pixel 7 is completely announced later in the year, at least.

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