Google released Cloud announced Immersive Stream for XR last week to employ the cloud-based GPUs powering Stadia for interactive 3D and augmented reality demo experiences. This was done during I/O 2022.

In order to let other gaming firms to use Stadia’s technology for their own streaming services, Google’s cloud division already provides Immersive Stream for Games.

It is now more obvious that Immersive Stream is the name Google will give to experiences that are rendered in the cloud and then streamed to devices thanks to the introduction of a second product with the same branding.

It claims to immerse viewers in an immersive, interactive, and lifelike experience without requiring them to download an app. Immersive Stream for XR is currently in preview. Like Stadia, businesses can publish content once and have it run on any device by using just a URL (or QR code). The business also promotes native support for mobile AR on iOS and Android devices through the Google app.

Other marketed advantages of this strategy include:

Simple user interface: Users don’t need to wait for new apps to download in order to access 3D and augmented reality experiences. Broad device compatibility: Since experiences work on iOS, Android, and the web, developers do not need to create versions for every OS, device model, or generation. High-performance cloud-based GPUs are used to create the experience in photorealistic quality, which is subsequently streamed to any device. The optimal user experience is achieved by augmenting and offloading the processing from the mobile device. Immersive Stream for XR is already in use by several companies, including:

The BMW iX and BMW i4 may be digitally placed into any real-world setting in spectacular realism with useable virtual features like changeable paint colors, lighting aspects, and more thanks to BMW’s adoption of Immersive Stream for XR. With 13 interactive animations, including the ground-breaking Mega Power Frunk, and more, Try it out enables viewers to learn about and experience Ford’s brand-new, all-electric F-150 Lightning. Immersive Stream for XR is being used by Try it out Lowes Innovation Labs to assist clients in designing and visualizing their ideal kitchen. Arriving soon: View your design in augmented reality! The pay-as-you-go pricing structure for Google Cloud’s Immersive Stream for XR is dependent on configured streaming capacity, which is the maximum number of concurrent users that the service can accommodate.

Future reports on Google’s Project Iris AR headset suggested that some images would be produced in the cloud and sent to the device to get around local battery restrictions. The foundation for it might eventually be Immersive Stream for XR.

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