Google is making it simpler to manage the Pixel Buds Pro’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The volume menu has been combined with the control strip that enables you to activate ANC or switch to the Transparency mode. 9to5 On a Pixel phone running Android 13, Google confirms has received this modification. For easier access, Google has now added the control strip on the home screen of the Pixel Buds apps.

ON THE PIXEL BUDS PRO, ANC CONTROL BECOMES SIGNIFICANTLY EASIER The ANC controller for the Pixel Buds Pro on Android 13 is said to be located in the Sound andamp; Vibration page that appears on the screen when the volume key is pressed, according to a recent report. The volume slider will be the only thing you see at first, but you can access more choices by tapping the three-dot overflow menu at the bottom. The Media volume button is on the ANC control strip. You have separate buttons for Off, Transparency, and Noise Cancellation. Please take note that this strip might only appear if your Pixel smartphone is linked to the Pixel Buds Pro.

Furthermore, Google has you covered if you want to manage ANC through the Pixel Buds app or if you’re using a non-Pixel phone with the headphones. There is no longer a requirement to first navigate to the Settings menu, then select the Sound option. The control strip has been relocated by the corporation from its original location. It can now be found above the Connect/Disconnect and Forget buttons on the app’s home screen. This greatly streamlines the procedure. Some users first noticed this modification last week. It is now being widely implemented.

Advertisement The organization is spreading these improvements for the Pixel Buds Pro ANC controller via server-side upgrades, as pointed out by 9to5Google. Without updating the Pixel Buds app, Google Play services version 22.26.15 made the changes to some of the devices used by the publishers. To enhance your chances of receiving it early, you might wish to continue to keep the app updated. Meanwhile, Android 13 is the only version that supports the Pixel Buds Pro ANC controller’s volume menu integration. Android 12 or Android 12L-running devices with the same Google account do not have it.

In the teaser for its upcoming launch event, where it will introduce the Pixel 7 series smartphones, Pixel Watch, and other Nest goods, Google has been emphasizing the Pixel Buds Pro. We’ll see whether the firm has any news to provide regarding its newest TWS headphones. On October 6, the following Made by Google hardware event will take place.


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