The company announced a new Pixel tablet at Google I/O that is meant to amuse, but it won’t go on sale until 2023.

This is the first tablet that Google has released since the Chrome OS-powered Pixel Slate in 2018. Originally, a replacement for that gadget was planned, but Google later said it was scrapping its tablet plans. Prior to it, the 2015-released Pixel C was the last tablet bearing the Google name to run Android.

According to Google’s Rick Osterloh, the company intends for this far-off Pixel tablet to be the ideal mate for your Pixel phone, bridging the gap between your daily activities at home and those you engage in while traveling. The tablet from 2023 will function on a Google Tensor chip, much like the phones, which is to be expected from such a high-end product in the Pixel series.

No information regarding the tablet’s price was provided, which isn’t surprising given that the Pixel tablet debut is likely still more than a year away.

In the brief teaser, which provides a detailed look at the hardware of the device, they occasionally show a close-up of the device’s back. Below the Google G logo, you can make out what appear to be four pins. The next Nest Hub product might be a tablet that could dock onto a smart speaker base, according to earlier this year’s rumours of a Nest tablet. Although a side-mounted USB-C port is also visible, these pins may serve as the tablet’s charging mechanism while it is in this type of dock.

On a lighter note, the large, white bezels on the Pixel tablet renders make them resemble a Nest Hub smart display. The single, circular camera on the back, however, gives the design on the back a nod to the Pixel 3 and Pixel Slate. Notably, there doesn’t appear to be a camera flash option, indicating a heavy reliance on Night Sight.

In official renderings provided to the media, we can see that the Pixel tablet may come in at least two hues, including a standard off-white shade and a greenish-gray shade that matches a comparable choice on this fall’s Pixel 7.

Undoubtedly, the next tablet is the pinnacle of Google’s efforts to optimize Android for large-screen devices, which began with Android 12L and continued with Android 13. Additionally, Google I/developer O’s presentations include a strong emphasis on developing apps for tablets and foldable devices.

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