Today, Google is making several upgrades to the Google TV platform, mostly concentrating on storage and performance.

Since many Google TV sets only offer 8GB or 16GB of storage, Google is aware that this is a problem given that our phones have approximately 10x as much capacity. So, Google has added a new Free up storage menu to the Settings app to make it simpler to manage this storage. You’ll be able to do this to delete old copies of apps and clean your cache. enabling you to make the most of the storage space that your device does have.

In order to reduce the number of users who see storage-related issues while installing a new app, the company has also made some internal adjustments to Google TV’s handling of app installations. A new automated procedure that frees up space on your device also operates in the background.

Advertisement Google TV is accelerating. Google has sped up the loading of the Google TV home screen with CPU optimizations and enhancements to cache management. By doing so, you may access your TV’s catalog of programmes and movies more quickly. Android TV devices have already started to receive this.

The Google TV For You tab experience has also been improved by Google. Featuring enhanced navigation, making it easier to scroll within tabs and switch between them. The Live tab now loads considerably more quickly, and the loading animation is now less noticeable while switching between tabs. Finally, Google TV now utilizes less RAM, so whichever device you’re using should run Google TV much more smoothly.

For Google TV customers, these changes are excellent news. As Google TV products sometimes have extremely low processing and storage capacity. Optimizing the hardware that is already in use is therefore a sensible idea.


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