Through your Wear OS smartwatch, you may soon be able to participate in interactive workouts that are displayed on your Google TV. According to a recent report from Protocol (through DroidLife ), which mentions Google’s upcoming plans to combine the two platforms, this is the case. At a partner event held behind closed doors in July, Google is said to have outlined these ideas.

It might seem like a little bit of a stretch for Google TV devices to support Wear OS integration. But it really shouldn’t. For a variety of functions, Samsung already makes it possible to link your Galaxy Watch 4 to a Samsung TV that is suitable. gaining a thorough perspective of your fitness statistics on a larger display, among other things.

While the watch takes care of the tracking, you can also participate in workouts that are displayed on a large screen. The goal is to make it easier for you to concentrate on your workout and less on the wrist-worn screen. And it appears that Google now wants to increase people’s access to that.

Advertisement INTERACTIVE VIDEO WORKOUTS WILL BE MADE POSSIBLE BY WEAR OS INTEGRATION WITH GOOGLE TV. With this kind of connectivity, this is Google’s most logical course of action. Interactive video workouts are a no-brainer, despite the fact that the company could surely add more features and appears to be planning to. This is reportedly one of the more significant things that Google is developing.

Checking your heart rate is one of the things you’ll be able to perform. You’ll also be able to monitor your caloric burn. Additionally, you can examine additional real-time data from Fitbit and Wear OS devices. Despite the fact that it appears to be approaching, it is not imminent.

The earliest that Google might introduce this feature to TVs using its Google TV platform is reportedly 2023. According to reports, Google is also striving to improve the compatibility of Google TV and Android TV with other smart home features.

Advertisement GOOGLE TV IS USING NEST SPEAKERS AS WIRELESS SPEAKERS Beyond its plans for Wear OS, Google is apparently looking to improve both its Google TV and Android TV platforms. Google is reportedly working on a number of concepts, including the ability to use your Nest speakers as wireless speakers. Of course, you’d need an Android TV and Google TV.

Google, though, doesn’t seem to be content with that. According to the source, Google is trying to make this feature available for audio from third parties. Thus, it wouldn’t necessarily be a Nest product.


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