Google first unveiled an early preview of Assistant Driving Mode in the US back in November. Although it has been technically available since late last year, the majority of customers have not yet received it. The corporation reaffirmed today that the preview is on its way.

The Driving Mode preview that is currently accessible resides in Google Maps and is meant to take the place of the Android Auto app on smartphones. The navigating process is still the same, but your screen now has a dark gray bar at the bottom of it.

While tapping the opposite side activates a launcher, tapping the left side displays a microphone icon. The central area displays the last app you used. When you aren’t actively using navigation, this is normally taken up by an audio program or the Maps icon.

To play, pause, and skip tracks, tap the screen. To access fullscreen controls, click again. A shortcut to Browse will bring up a grid of your most recent listens or recommended playlists. The launcher uses a new grid-heavy design to display apps that are compatible with Android Auto in the meantime. Additionally, you have shortcuts to fullscreen Calls and Messages tabs that display frequently used contacts and current chats.

Some Android users in the US have received Driving Mode over the past several weeks. Only one account/device had it enabled out of the three that we tested this afternoon. Just today, the Android and Google Maps Twitter accounts reaffirmed its impending arrival.

Visit Google Assistant settings andgt; Getting around andgt; Driving mode to see if it’s accessible on your phone. There are two ways to launch in this case. The first method includes tapping Start while looking at a location on Google Maps, while the second entails saying, Hey Google, start driving mode before choosing a location. The bottom of your screen should then show the dark gray bar after that.

It is not yet accessible to you if the settings page for driving mode is not installed.

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