Google typically displays a flag and a grayscale version of the company logo on its homepage to commemorate Memorial Day in the US.

Update 5/30/22: This year, tapping the logo brings up a results page for Memorial Day Search with a row of flowers at the bottom. According to Google Lens, these long-headed poppies are accompanied by the words “For those who sacrificed, Thank you” and move as if there were a breeze. After it’s over, you can watch it again or share it.

Google Memorial Day 2022
Google Memorial Day 2022

Updated on 5/31/21: This year’s Doodle features a gray Google logo (on a dark background in Discover and the mobile Search app). Users are directed to a Search results page that has an animation of three waving flags when they tap the American flag on the desktop homepage.

Update 5/1/20: When looking for Memorial Day , you can hear the Taps bugle call this year. A section titled “Moment of Remembrance” on the Knowledge Panel to the right has a YouTube video link.

The Google logo itself is displayed on a plain white background in the Doodle. The American flag is shown underneath the search area on desktop. If you have Discover to the left of homescreens and dark mode enabled in the Google app for Android, this appearance is very striking.

Prior to 5/1/19: Memorial Day and how it varies from Veterans Day are discussed in A post on the official corporate blog for Keyword. It was written by former Marine Major and current Program Manager for Google’s Veterans Network, Nick Ralston.

Memorial Day is frequently misunderstood as another Veterans Day. It becomes increasingly difficult to strike a balance between the required celebration and the sorrow and seriousness of the sacrifices made by the fallen soldiers who are honoured on this day the more you learn about it or get closer to understanding its actual meaning. But remembering is the key.

At the present, a light gray rendition of the company’s logo may be found on, the mobile Search apps, and the New Tab page in Chrome. A search for Memorial Day will be run when you click, and a banner of the American flag will be displayed directly below the app bar.

Google Doodle Memorial Day

A statement inviting you to participate in the National Moment of Remembrance may be seen beneath the Memorial Day-themed Google Doodle, which features a folded American flag.

We encourage you to join us if you’re seeking for a way to pay tribute to those who have made sacrifices. On Memorial Day, at 3 p.m. local time, there is a National Moment of Remembrance. The law, which was approved by Congress, requests that all Americans take a moment to just remember. The baseball game is over. Whistles for Amtrak will blare.

Users visiting will see a start button and a grayed-out version of the homepage when they first log in at 3 PM local time. Taps, a well-known and eerie bugle call that lasts just under a minute and is played at military funerals, is played when you click. Lance Corporal Teal Ewer of the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps performs it.

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