The value of rewards schemes might vary, and some aren’t even worth utilizing. If you’re not looking for it, certain hidden benefits of Google Play Points may go unnoticed. This tutorial will show you how to exchange Google Play Points for goods and services like applications and perks.

Earning Google Play Points How to level up Do Google Play Points expire? Using/redeeming Google Play Points Redeeming points via the Google Play Store Redeeming points at the time of purchase AMAZON PLAY POINTS GENERATION It’s simple to earn Google Play Points. You actually end up receiving a set number of points for each item you buy from the Google Play Store. Your level as a Google Play Points user and the amount of money you paid on a transaction will both affect how many points you obtain. For instance, every dollar spent at the lowest category, Bronze, earns you one point.

Subscriptions fall under this as well. If you belong to Google One, for instance, you can accrue points for your monthly expenditures. Let’s say you sign up for Google One’s 100GB tier. As a result, for every $1.99 you pay for the membership, you receive two points. Even subscriptions that you buy through Google Play may fall under this. Every time you automatically renew a monthly app cost, a point value is added to it. As long as the membership is purchased using Google Play’s checkout, this is the case.

HOW TO ELEVATE You can advance in tier as you get more points. You will get more points per purchase as you move up the tier. Unfortunately, moving up a tier is pretty tough unless you spend a lot of money on apps, games, movies, and other entertainment. Even if you do manage to advance, the advantages are minor and won’t have a significant impact on your pay. Only 1.4 points are earned at Platinum, the top rank, for every dollar spent. However, there are a few exceptional cases where choosing a higher tier pays out.

Google Play Points Bronze

The tiers and advantages are listed below:

GOOGLE PLAY POINTS – DO THEY EXPIRE? Google Play Points do, in fact, expire. A new expiration date is added to your total after you earn points. When a predetermined length of time passes without you using your points, that credit expires. Naturally, the expiration date seems to be getting later and later as long as you keep earning points. You can simply earn points in the Google Play Store’s weekly freebie. By doing this, you may prevent your points from expiring.

REDEEMING/USING GOOGLE PLAY POINTS Google Play Points are really simple to use or redeem. There are quite a few different methods to go about it. One approach is already in use, while another is allegedly on the way.

Using the Google Play Store to redeem points There are several ways to claim points in the Google Play Store. Google Play Credits, which are effectively virtual gift cards, are another option. You must utilize 100 points for each dollar you claim. You can also spend your points to claim certain in-game things if you don’t want to do that. When you use points to purchase an item, the item will be added to your gaming account and will be available for use the following time you log in.

How to claim things or credit is as follows:

Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device. In the upper-right corner, tap the image of your profile. There will be a brief passage that says Play Points. Tap it. Advice: You can just look here to see your current Play Points balance. Click Use next to your level. Simply make sure you have the points and tap something to claim it. Note: If you have enough money or credit for the item, the pricing will be completely shown. It will be mostly opaque if you don’t. Use points by tapping.

Google Play Store

Google Play Points
Use Google Play Points
Checkout use Google Play Points

As an alternative, you can donate money to charities directly from Google Play by using your points. To do this, all you have to do is find the Donations button at the top of the page. When you tap it, the page will only display organizations to which you can donate. Since goods have a higher value, each dollar spent earns you more points.

AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE REDEEMING POINTS Since its first announcement in March, a new method of redeeming points is now available on the majority of Android smartphones. Instead of claiming and using points separately on the Google Play Store, this approach enables users to use points right from the app checkout. As an illustration, if you’re playing a game and wish to purchase a bonus item, you can do so as usual. You can click Use points once you’re on the checkout page to use your existing Google Play Points. The app serves as your permanent home. When you make a first-time app purchase from the Play Store, you can also spend Play Points.

Google Play Points Bronze


Google Play Points Bronze


Your device could have access to this feature. Make sure Android is up to date on your device, then navigate to the Google Play Store. Look for the Use points option beneath the app description and pricing while you go through the app purchase process without actually making a purchase. You have a few possibilities for atonement. If you have enough points, you can delete the entire purchase or take a specified amount off, like 100 points for every dollar spent. You can spend all of your points for a discount if you don’t have enough to pay for the complete purchase with points.

No matter how you acquire or redeem your Google Play Points, they may occasionally be useful. According to our experience, the ideal approach to use them is to accumulate as much money as you can and purchase exciting apps or cheap goods. Even if Google Play Points aren’t technically free money, it’s still preferable to paying full price for apps and games.

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