According to Digital Chat Station, Google and Foxconn have an agreement for Foxconn to produce two of Google’s flagship products in 2022. These include the much-rumored Google Pixel Fold and the impending Google Pixel 7 Pro. Although he didn’t appear to have access to Pixel Fold renders, he asserts that the phone will have a flexible screen with a hole in the middle for the front-facing camera. According to reports about the display specifications, the main display will have a 2K display resolution.

A 50MP camera sensor, possibly the same one that the Pixel 7 will receive, will most likely be part of the Pixel Fold’s camera configuration. Additionally, according to Digital Chat Station, the phone’s secondary camera uses an IMX 787 sensor. The chance that the phone might feature a specialized periscope camera with variable focal length capabilities, however, is the most intriguing camera-related rumor. If accurate, this would be a first for any Pixel smartphone.

Although we don’t know very more about the Pixel Fold’s design features, a ceramic body could be one of them. Intriguingly, the rumor also speculates on the possibility that Google may install a new generation of Tensor chips on the phone under the name Tensor 2.

There is a good likelihood that Google is indeed working on introducing the Pixel Fold late this year given the reputation of the Digital Chat Station. But just like most rumors, we advise treating this bit of information with a grain of salt.


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