Google has finally allowed allowed Parler to return to the Play Store after over a year of absence. After a brawl in the US Capitol, the app was removed from the Play Store.

A Google representative confirmed the information to The New York Times , stating that the company has modified its content moderation guidelines to meet Google’s requirements. The software is currently available for download from Google Play Store.

Trump supporters invaded the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Google and Apple alleged that Parler lacked the necessary policies to control content that would inspire violence at the time. Because of this, the app was removed from the Play Store and the App Store. However, Parler is back on the Play Store now following significant revisions to the moderation guidelines.

Advertisement PARLER CURRENTLY ADOPTS A NEW CONTENT MODERATION POLICY According to Christina Cravens, chief marketing officer of Parlers, their app always forbids violence. Parler deleted hate speech based on race, sex, sexual orientation, and other criteria as well as hidden content that was not appropriate for work in order to obtain authorization to return to Play Store.

While Parler thinks that allowing more speech, not less, is the greatest approach to solve the issues of hate and division in today’s culture, Cravens said, “We are still delighted to conduct business with those who think differently, on the grounds on which we do agree.”

As a social media platform for supporters of free expression, Parler was established in 2018. Additionally, it was designed to compete with Twitter and Facebook’s monopolies. Parler is now aware of the repercussions of defying the rules that the digital titans impose on other businesses, though.

Advertisement Following the assault on the US Capitol, Twitter suspended Trump’s account, raising questions about the definition of free speech on online forums. Elon Musk stated that preserving free expression on the network was one of his motivations for purchasing Twitter.


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