Google News on desktop has undergone a revamp as part of this year’s 20th anniversary celebrations that puts an emphasis on personalization by placing Top articles, Local news, and personalized recommendations for you at the top of the page.

Google News now has a row of tabs at the top of the screen, below the search box, with common components from the Android and iOS apps. There are three tabs that replace the left navigation drawer: Home, For you, and Following. Following that are categories for your nation, the world, local, business, technology, entertainment, sports, science, and health, which correspond to the mobile client.

The Your briefing header of the Google News desktop makeover opens with the day, date, and current temperature. This header may be extended to provide a four-day prediction. The top story card is displayed first, followed by Local news and Picks for You. To distinguish the section headings, Google uses pastel hues.

To ensure that you never miss vital news about the cities and towns you care about, you can now use the filter option to add several areas to your local news section. This modification is merely the most recent method we’ve used to provide local news to users all over the world.

Google News desktop redesign
Google News desktop redesign
Google News desktop redesign

The following section is Your themes, where you can alter the cards (at least two, but not more than eight) that appear here, including the order in which they appear:

The stories that most interest you may be easily found by scrolling and clicking through thanks to this new feature. Simply click the blue customize icon in the upper right of the Your Topics area to begin adding, removing, or rearranging topics.

Other standout features of this Google News desktop revamp include an extended Fact Check section where users can view both the original assertion and the independent organizations’ fact-checked analysis. The first page completes the site for you and Beyond.

This year marks Google News’ 20th anniversary, and its debut today coincides with an return to Spain rating according to Europe’s new copyright law after an eight-year break.

You can access this update right now by going to and pressing At the very top, give it a try. You can temporarily return to the old user interface (UI) by pressing going into settings , which also has controls for the temperature unit and dark theme.

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