On Google Pixel smartphones, the At a Glance widget is a practical tool for quickly accessing pertinent information. Google previously deleted a crucial feature from the widget, but it may be returning. The At a Glance widget might reintroduce the commute times feature.

The commute times feature would inform users of the approximate time it would take them to commute from their home to their workplace. Additionally, the function would advise them on the most efficient modes of public transportation. The widget immediately launches the Google Maps app when you tap on it.

However, for some reason, users discovered that the capability had been lost earlier this year. We don’t know why Google took this action.

Advertisement However, the functionality for commute times may return to the at-a-glance widget. The commuting times feature may be returning to the At a Glance widget, claims 9To5Google . Some users are discovering that the commuting times feature is back in their At a Glance settings.

Google might be reintroducing this option to users gradually. Working from home for a few years may have prompted the corporation to drop the function. But now folks are starting to come back to the office. People who need to be in their offices will find it quite helpful to have this information available.

You should check sometimes if you’re anticipating the reintroduction of this functionality. It’s really simple to check for it if you don’t know how. The Home settings icon will display when you press and hold your finger down on an empty area of your home screen.

Advertisement To access the gear menu, click the At a Glance button. The various features that you can enable for the widget are displayed when you tap on this. You’ll see a button labeled “See more features” when you reach the bottom of the page.

A new page will then be displayed to you. The commute option should be the top choice on that page.


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