Google Meet is updating its desktop experience in Chrome with picture-in-picture (PiP) and the option to pin multiple video feeds, as it was first previewed in March.

When participating in a Google Meet call online, selecting the new Open picture-in-picture option can be found by hitting the three-dot menu icon next to the hang up button. The small window that appears in the bottom-right corner of your screen is opened, and the larger window allows you to swiftly Bring the call back here because the whole controls are still there.

With the help of these features, we believe presenters and meeting participants will find it simpler to participate in their meetings.

Up to four Google Meet tiles are displayed in the floating PiP window on top of Chrome and other applications. While hovering over a stream, you may rapidly mute the audio, turn off the video, end a call, or return to fullscreen while the person’s name and other status icons are still displayed.

Google Meet Chrome PiP
Google Meet Chrome PiP
Google Meet Chrome PiP

Google Meet, meanwhile, now allows you to pin multiple video feeds rather than just one:
By adjusting the perspective in a way that best suits your meeting, this will provide you more freedom in how you blend people and content.
As fantastic usability improvements, Google Meet PiP and multi-pinning are rolling out to all users as of right now:

All Google Workspace users can access it, as well as previous G Suite Basic and Business users. Users with personal Google Accounts may access this These capabilities follow other recent upgrades to the video calling service, such as background noise and automatically removing reverberations . De-reverberation eliminates echoes produced in rooms with hard surfaces, like a kitchen or basement. In addition, hosts and cohosts are now given three alternatives when deleting members from calls:

Just cut off the caller from the conversation. Complete a second abuse complaint. furthermore prevent the user from re-joining. MORE INFO ON GOOGLE MEET: FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. More.

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