With 1.2 billion Android smartphones in use today, Google’s platform for mobile augmented reality is widely accessible. At I/O 2022, ARCore is getting will receive foundational upgrades that will speed up and increase its dependability on the Pixel 6 and in Google Maps Live View.

Google has enhanced ARCores’ depth capabilities, allowing virtual items to occlude real ones and be placed in more realistic locations in order to increase immersion. The modern phone camera can produce a depth map up to 8 meters, or around the size of a large room (26 feet).

The time to starting depth is shortened on average by about 15%. As you can see on the black TV and the empty white wall, where there is little to no texture, the depth map’s average overall coverage has increased to 95%. Because there aren’t many visual elements in these areas, conventional depth would have trouble there.

In actuality, the depth coverage provided by this camera technique is now on par with that of dedicated depth devices. Google is using the second camera on Pixel phones to accelerate the depth and motion tracking process even more. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 6 are now receiving this ARCore upgrade.

Pixel 6 ARCore
Google Maps Live View ARCore

In the meantime, Google has a new Long Range Depth feature that operates outside and is effective up to 20 meters (65 feet), where occlusion is now possible even in bright sunshine. In Google Maps Live View, for instance, this is being used to precisely mix the destination pin.

With ARCore, Google has also enhanced motion tracking by making it 17% faster to locate the first plane and 15% less prone to tracking resets. Live View in Google Maps is expected to gain from the use of machine learning to further enhance those two ARCore enhancements.

The Geospatial API, which enables AR applications to determine the latitude, longitude, altitude, and heading of your phone with more accuracy than the GPS sensor can provide, is the other significant advancement to ARCore at I/O 2022. It expands on the work Google has done with Cloud Anchors.

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