The Pixel Watch was first teased at I/O 2022, and we’ve since revealed information about its processor and battery. As of right moment, Google’s plans for a sizable selection of Pixel Watch bands are available for reporting by 9to5Google.

Google’s first wearable has a proprietary band system that is designed to make band swapping simpler. Comparatively speaking to other gadgets, the connecting process on the watch side is somewhat important and not a straightforward snap-in. It entails tilting them into place before sliding, if not clicking, them into position. During the reveal, a brief video of the procedure was distributed, but it is yet unknown how it will actually operate.

The Pixel Watch was displayed at the event with a single kind of band in a few different colors. It has two loops and a peg and appears to be made of soft-touch silicone. It functions just like a Fitbit Infinity Band. Compared to the Apple Watch Sport Bands, this band has an additional loop, making it significantly more difficult for everything to come undone without your knowledge. The Pixel Watch will ship with this band, which is the main band.

Google is preparing at least seven bands for the Pixel Watch, including the standard one that was originally unveiled last month, according to people with knowledge of the situation. We don’t know if all of the designs will be used for the launch and whether they are all Made by Google accessories.

IN DEVELOPMENT PIXEL WATCH BANDS Google is developing a Milanese-style band for the Pixel Watch that has a woven stainless steel mesh, starting with the most expensive model. Just like the Apple Watch is used as the magnetic clasp that secures the band. This strap will visually complement the three case colors that are offered for the Pixel Watch: silver, black, and gold.

A link bracelet, which is the solid metal band frequently found on Rolex and Omega watches, is also being worked on. Each link (metal rectangle) is connected to the piece before and after it. These can be very expensive, with the Apples version starting at $349 and boasting a revolutionary mechanism for resizing that only requires a button press as opposed to requiring you to push out pins. The price depends on the manufacturing process. For several of its connection bands, Fossil levies an around $50 fee.

Milanese Loop | Link Bracelet for Apple Watch

The Pixel Watch, which is exclusively offered in a stainless steel case, will gain traction in more upscale markets thanks to both of these designs. Two different kinds of leather bands, which may be identified by their styles and lighter or darker colours, will help with this.

Stretch bands and cloth fall on the more cheap end of the spectrum. The latter design is a single piece and gained popularity thanks to the Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop . The fastening mechanism and material of the cloth bands are more traditional.

watch band
apple watch band

Braided Solo Loop for Apple Watch | Fitbit Woven Band

Remember that Google is developing seven watch bands for the Pixel Watch? It’s unclear when or if they will all arrive, but for any wearable, having a wide range of design alternatives is essential. The proprietary connector on the Pixel Watch in particular may limit the selection of third-party choices.

Mesh band made of stainless steel links two leather straps bracelet textile band elastic band rubber band

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