There are fewer user-facing changes than in the previous release of Android 13’s third patch, which was released today. But the Android 13 easter egg is included in Beta 3.3.

Beta 3.2, released in the middle of June, bafflingly replaced the circle in Android 12’s emblem with a 3 and a shape with 13 points in Beta 3.2.

The easter egg may now be accessed by pointing the hour and minute hands to 1 o’clock, or 13:00 in military time, thanks to Android 13 Beta 3.3 today . The Dynamic Color bubbles remain the same, but when you hold down on them, the real fun begins.

You can keep long-pressing to cycle among fourteen thematic character sets as the circles turn into emoji. For every refresh, this easter egg chooses a few emoji from a collection.

regular faces, expressive (eye) faces, fruit, cat faces, face melting, Hearts/love, the universe, Aquatic life, the moon, apes, the Zodiac, Flowers, clocks “Turtle King”

Android 13 Easter egg
Android 13 Easter egg

3.2 beta versus 3.3

The well-known turtle emoji is one particular delight when it is coupled with stars and is genuinely crowned the king. There are several moon shapes, and the melting face emoji seems most apt.

The wallpaper is still visible in the status bar right now, as opposed to using a solid backdrop color. The Paint Chips homescreen widget, which displays the current Dynamic Color palette and can be tapped through for rapid sharing, has also remained unchanged.

With the new 13:00 activation and emoji, the first component of the Android 13 Easter egg may be finished today. However, it is unknown whether a second component on the level of the widget released last year will be included. That homescreen object from Android 12 will probably remain since it is a helpful tool for both developers and end users.

Android 13 easter egg
Android 13 easter egg

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