Google Calculator is the next first-party app for tablets and other large screen Android devices to receive an upgrade, following Lens last week.

Update 6/1: Yesterday, Google released Calculator version 8.2 to a large number of users. Other design modifications included in this release include adjustments to Dynamic Color that darken some buttons.

The delete key is no longer just an outline, and the keypad’s numbers likewise appear considerably larger and occupy a larger portion of their circles.
Version 8.2 versus 8.1

Update 5/26: With Calculator 8.2, Google also included a Quick Settings tile that just launches the application. The illustration makes use of the appropriate themed icon. Thank you, Kawshik.

Prior to 5/24: The tablet UI was only the app’s landscape version before to this upgrade, with extra features displayed to the left of the number pad (and basic operations).

The layout of Google Calculator no longer fills the complete width of your screen as of version 8.2. Additionally, the majority of those extra features can be concealed when not in use, resulting in pill-shaped rather than circular other keys.

As a result, the display space is larger, and History is now displayed as a left column that is always visible. In the past, accessing prior calculations required lowering the screen and concealing the keys.


Tablet users may utilize the entire screen and multitask easily with this two-column UI. The rest of the upgrade is simple, and the phone’s user interface is unchanged, even in landscape. You may still enjoy the straightforward UI by turning your tablet to portrait orientation.

Calculator 8.2 is being released, although it’s not yet widespread. You can sideload it manually while waiting. Google rarely updates this app; the most recent significant update was the Material You redesign with Dynamic Color in September of 2021.


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