Since the first one entered the market in 2019, the foldable phone has advanced dramatically. The days when a single sand grain might completely ruin your nearly $2,000 phone are long gone. The addition of ultra-thing glass, which is a little more durable than what was previously utilized, is one of the advancements made since then. However, Samsung might decide to forego using the ultra-thin glass in favor of an PI film for its foldable tablet.

Polyimide is what the PI in PI film stands for. It’s a kind of plastic, and the first-generation Galaxy Z Fold’s screen was made of it. In addition, other businesses like Lenovo and LG continue to utilise this material for their flexible gadgets.

A PI FILM COULD BE USED BY SAMSUNG’S FOLDABLE TABLET FOR ITS DISPLAY. Given that we all know what happened to the phones that employed this material for their displays, this revelation may come as a shock to most people. Pictures of flexible screens that had been fully demolished and had a glaring lump in the middle were all over the internet. Why then would the business return to the original content? There are a few causes.

Advertisement The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is proof that ultra-thin glass is suitable for smaller smartphones, but as a screen gets bigger, its strength declines. A huge tablet display with an ultra-thin glass surface atop it is screaming for a shattered screen. On the other hand, a plastic display would be much more appropriate for a huge device.

The second reason is straightforward: technology has advanced since then. Since 2019, the foldable phone has significantly improved overall. As previously mentioned, various businesses have used PI films for their flexible gadgets. Consequently, since 2019, technology has been developing. Additionally, Samsung has put a lot of effort into making its foldable technology impervious to dust and debris.

We anticipate the Samsung foldable tablet to be significantly more robust than the original Galaxy Z Fold if it were to be released with a plastic display. However, we must wait for formal confirmation before acting.


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