As we return from vacation, send the kids back to school, and begin to plan for the holidays, the end of the summer is an excellent time to check in on your internet security. Adding an additional layer of online protection for everyone in a home with a range of devices—including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more—is a good idea. Even better, you can get that piece of mind while saving over 50%.

is now available for $59.95 for a full year of protection (Opens in a new window) version of Trend Micro’s Premium Security Suite. In other words, you can receive 365 days of security for as little as $0.02 a day, per device, which is a 53% discount off the regular $130 fee. The Premium Security Suite, which includes six separate services, works as a team to protect your data, passwords, and identity. This all-encompassing service isn’t just your standard virus blocker, either.

All of your devices now have an additional layer of security from malware, viruses, ransomware, and other online threats thanks to Premium Security Suite. Added security for your online banking, identity theft protection, and unlike other security suites that primarily target Windows devices are all included. Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android are all common desktop and mobile operating systems that Trend Micro supports.

Additionally safeguarded are your portable devices thanks to Trend Micro’s protection against fraudulent websites, Wi-Fi networks, and apps. Additionally, it improves your defenses against phishing frauds and aids in performance optimization of your device. Additionally, you’ll receive optimization for everyone’s social media accounts, ensuring the safety and security of any updates you and your family share.

Additionally, your information will be shielded from external data breaches: Members of the Premium Security Suite receive automatic monitoring of the dark web, and updates are sent whenever any personal data (such as credit card or bank information) is found. A personal VPN for further data encryption, a password manager, keyword encryption, and round-the-clock emergency support are all included at this level of security.

Normally, adding this much security would come with a triple-digit price tag, but as part of this promotion, Trend Micro will cover almost a dozen different devices with this additional security for a whole year for just $59.95. Head to the Trend Micro site right now (Opens in a new window) to discover more about the additional security features included with your purchase.

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