Since the announcement in April, Google has partnered with iFixit to make Pixel repair parts formally available.

In the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and EU nations where the phone is sold, Google this morning announced that said iFixit now sells genuine components for the Pixel 2 through 6. screens , batteries , charging ports , adhesives , and rear cameras are the most popular parts being targeted at launch. After the introduction in July, Pixel 6a replacement components will be offered this fall.

However, we won’t stop there. As soon as newer phones are released, we’ll support them. This fall, we’ll have a complete inventory of Pixel 6a parts as well as a comprehensive collection of repair manuals. We’ll keep expanding our selection of parts for Pixel models 2 and later.


Google Pixel iFixit
Google Pixel iFixit, allows you to view the phone parts that are currently available, including the original Pixel and Nexus. The Pixel 6 Pros rear camera for $169.99 has a Genuine Part designation on the listing, and you can purchase it. You may purchase a fix kit with the required tools for $7:

iOpener, iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6), Spudger, iFixit Opening Tool, Suction Handle, Angled Tweezers, Blunt Tweezers, Alcohol Pad, Precision Bit Driver, 4 mm Precision Bits (Phillips #00, Torx T3, Torx T5), and Pixel 6 Pro Display Adhesive.

The 6 Pro screen ( said 0) and batteries are also available in identical kits ( said 1 ). With the help of iFixit’s high-resolution images, this website links to said 2. They are comparable to their teardowns but focused on a particular part. The replacement screen for the Pixel 6 Pro, the said 3 battery, the earpiece speaker, the fingerprint reader, the front camera, and the rear camera.

IFixit said 4 Google’s advancement in repairable design is currently:

Since we began collaborating with the Google Pixel team, they have significantly improved their ability to be repaired. Google has prioritized said 5 and said 6 repairs and made more components modular. Since the Pixel 3, which scored a reasonable 6 out of 10 on our scale of repairability ( said 7), said 8 is lower than that.

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