The most recent upgrade to NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service now supports 120 frames per second game streaming for PC customers that utilize the browser to access the service. There were a couple ways to obtain the 120 fps before today’s upgrade. You needed an RTX 3080 membership, and either the Windows, Mac, or Android apps.

not anymore. For 120 fps, you will still need an RTX 3080 subscription, but you may now access those higher frame rates through your browser. Naturally, new games are also added to GeForce NOW today. One of these is the brand-new action RPG Thymesia, which plays like Souls. In addition, players will be able to broadcast Pheonix Point, Clanfolk, Coromon, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed, and Century: Age of Ashes.

When Path of Exiles’ new Lake of Kalandra upgrade launches on August 19, players should be able to access it right away.

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GeForce NOW 120fps Browser 2


GeForce NOW has added more additional features besides 120 frames per second for browser users. Additionally, 1440p resolution is an option. In the past, if you were playing on a PC, only the Windows and Mac programs could support the higher frame rate. It’s important to remember that in order to use the feature, you must be using Chrome or Edge. Both browsers will function because Chromium is the foundation of Microsoft Edge.

This will improve the gaming experience for Chromebook users returning to school. Even better streaming is made available on on-campus computers that forbid installing any programs.

Advertisement GeForce NOW offers one of the greatest choices for cloud gaming services. It’s difficult to beat with the biggest game collection of all of them and perhaps superior resolution and frame rate options. even though every service has advantages of its own. For example, Stadia’s cutting-edge technology makes it feel more steady the majority of the time. While many day-one games are accessible through Xbox Game Pass.

It would be a good idea to check out GeForce NOW now if you haven’t already. Just don’t let it interfere with your academic pursuits.


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