There are currently 1300 titles supported by GeForce Now, as of this newest round of releases. Evil Dead: The Game, which will be released today, is the game that sets this record for GeForce Now.

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GEFORCE NOW BREAKS RECORD WITH 1300 EVIL DEAD GAMES: A GAME The few organizations that offer streaming services don’t have a sizable game catalog because cloud streaming is still a relatively new kind of gaming. Having said that, GeForce Now has a history of delivering numerous games in a weekly batch. Evil Dead: The Game is launching this week on NVIDIA’s GeForce Now.

You can use any weapon you can get your hands on in the action-packed co-op and PvP game Evil Dead: The Game. That also applies to brooms. Grab the broomstick and run. GeForce Now is also including the following seven games this week:

Achilles: The Untold Legend (New release on Steam ) The Legend of Runeria by Brigandine (New release on Steam ) Ninja Wars: Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA (New release on Steam ) Conquest songs (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store ) Anthology of the Cepheus Protocol (New release on Steam , May 13) The videogame Evil Dead (New release on Epic Games Store , May 13) Rage With Your Friends in Pogostuck ( Steam ) Another HD Zombie Defense game ( Steam ) This War of Mine: Final Cut and several other games are included in the Xbox Game Pass. This War of Mine: Final Cut, an emotional roller coaster that embeds you in the conflict and pushes you to see things from a different angle, is Xbox Game Pass’s attempt to elicit tears this week. As a civilian, you are stranded in a hostile environment with limited supplies and frequent risk. You may play This War of Mine: Final Cut right now.

Two more cloud games were added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. These games are Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. On May 10, these two games were added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

PROMISED GAMES ON AMAZON LUNA WERE FINALLY RELEASED We reported Luna’s announcement that three new games would be arriving on various channels a few weeks ago. One of them was Super Monkey Ball Mania, a $10/month subscription game that would be available on the Luna channel. Get Packed will be available to subscribers on the Family Channel. Although these two games were initially revealed in April, players can now finally play them.

Overall, this week has been a nice one with GFN reaching 1300 games added and Xbox Game Pass’s catalog growing even more. Let’s wait and see what PlayStation Plus creates.

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