Apple proudly unveiled the new Apple Watch Ultra earlier this week, and Garmin immediately responded. Garmin took to Twitter followed the Apple event to, what can only be characterized as, lay down a nasty burn while avoiding referencing the firm specifically. The battery life of smartwatches and sports watches is likely the most significant aspect. Additionally, Apple made a big deal out of the Apple Watch Ultra’s 60-hour battery life when used in low-power mode.

Which, to be honest, is quite impressive given everything the watch can do. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can operate in low-power mode for up to 80 days. Garmin, though, is not having it. To market its brand-new Enduro 2, Garmin says claims that its battery life is measured in months as opposed to hours. Though in all honesty, it goes beyond the watch simply refusing to stop working for over a month. The use case and the hardware both play a role in the extended battery life.

The Enduro 2’s lengthy battery life is mostly due to the fact that it is a solar-powered watch, something the Apple Watch Ultra cannot match. Therefore, you can charge the battery with the power of the sun even without the correct charger. Similar to how Superman refuels his powers Numerous sports watches made by Garmin include this feature. And it’s one that significantly contributes to prolonging battery life beyond what’s typical.

Advertisement The Enduro 2 appears to be unmatched even when employing the most demanding features. Certainly not from companies like Apple. The Enduro 2 can operate in GPS mode for up to 150 hours, according to Garmin. This is more than five times what Apple gives for regular use on the Apple Watch Ultra. We can only assume that this includes making use of the GPS functions.

Garmin claims that the Enduro 2 can operate in smartwatch mode for up to 34 days if customers choose to go further. According to all accounts, the Apple Watch Ultra offers a lot to users who want to be a part of the Apple ecosystem and desire capabilities that are particular to outdoor activities and adventures. However, individuals who place a premium on battery life may wish to take a closer look at the Enduro 2.


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