Garmin just launched rolling out a new software upgrade for their smartwatches, introducing some fantastic features. FNIX 7 Series, Epix (Gen 2), and Instinct 2 series will be qualified to receive this update and its new features, in accordance with the company’s announcement . Updates will also soon be available for other products like the Edge 1040 series and Forerunner 945 LTE.

The increased battery life of the aforementioned Garmin smartwatches is the main improvement. According to the manufacturer, the SatIQ will automatically activate multi-band GPS when it is most necessary, such as in tight gorges or densely populated urban areas with tall buildings, and deactivate it when no longer required. Making sure athletes make the most of their batteries is the aim.

Additionally, when they are sleeping, athletes and normal Garmin smartwatch customers can check their heart rate variability (HRV) levels. They might gain a better understanding of their health and sleep patterns thanks to the function.

Advertisement A SOFTWARE UPDATE GIVES GARMIN SMARTWATCHES A TON OF NEW COOL FEATURES Additionally, the company gives its wearables a Morning report feature. The feature can give watch owners information about the current weather, daily fitness recommendations, last night’s sleep quality, and HRV status when coupled with a smartphone. The reports can also be altered.

A Race widget is another tool that offers users advice on training for races. The feature consists of a countdown clock, race day weather, and a performance forecast for that particular race day.

Garmin has also updated the status of its products’ training. As previously stated, the company has added HRV status, performance, and recent workout history. Athletes may now learn more about their overall effort and whether they are productively training, peaking, or straining thanks to these new features. Finally, the smartwatches get a stock tracker. You can track up to 50 stocks after pairing it with the Stocks app.

Advertisement The cycling computers in the Garmin Edge 1040 series will also receive the software upgrade. According to a corporate report, these gadgets will have a music controls function that would allow users to manage music on the device. Similar to smartwatches, Edge devices also update their training status.

Users can determine when they have reached their training peak by using the intensity minutes. There’s still more. The Edge gadget now has Full eBike support from Garmin. Users can now connect to ANT or ANT compatible ebikes and receive pertinent information.

This week, the business began to roll out the upgrade. If you have one of these compatible devices, you can use Garmin Express to check for updates or you can set up automatic updates.



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