This week, Samsung’s enormous 55-inch curved Odyssey Ark gaming display finally went on sale in the US. Even though this monitor costs $3,500, you should be able to enjoy the best PC gaming experience on it. The hardware and software functions it provides are well known to us. More information regarding the monitor’s capabilities is also becoming available as it is placed on store shelves. The Odyssey Ark, according to 9to5Google , is equipped with Samsung’s Gaming Hub, which has built-in compatibility for cloud gaming services like Google Stadia and Xbox Game Pass. It also runs Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

Samsung created the new feature known as Gaming Hub for their smart TVs running the Tizen OS. The service, which made its debut earlier this year, unifies all gaming tools in one location to provide a seamless gaming experience. It enables you to connect to a computer or gaming console and play games on a large screen. You may stream gameplay live using YouTube and Twitch integration.

Additionally, the majority of popular cloud gaming services, such as Google Stadia, Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now, Ubotik, and Amazon Luna, which was released from test in March of this year, are already included into Gaming Hub. As it works to expand the Gaming Hub, Samsung last month added support for Amazon’s solution. And because the Odyssey Ark runs the whole Tizen OS platform, all of these functions are accessible on it. This indicates that more TV apps, including Netflix and Disney, are supported by the monitor.

Advertisement A MONSTER GAMING MONITOR IS THE ODYSSEY ARK. The Odyssey Ark not only has these software functions, but it also has some amazing physical features. It has a 1000R radius and a 55-inch panel. The screen is therefore extremely curved to provide a great viewing angle for an engaging gaming experience. With a 1ms response time and capability for various refresh rates, the Quantum mini-LED display refreshes at a rate of 165Hz. As a result, the gameplay is also very smooth. It is essentially a personal theater for gaming when paired with quad-speakers with Dolby Atmos.

The Odyssey Ark can be utilized in both a horizontal and vertical arrangement. It becomes a huge screen that towers well above your head when utilized in the latter. The screen may act as three different displays if you need to use it for work or multitasking. For $3,499.99, customers in the US can acquire the Samsung Odyssey Ark through the company’s official website as well as select independent merchants. All available offers and buying choices are available here.


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