The desire to play video games is universal. Video games were always thought to be a waste of time, but thanks to some game streams, we can today state that they also have their uses. Here, we’re focusing on some of the top Spanish gaming YouTube channels that elevated online gaming.

My parents used to chastise me for playing PC games when I was a kid. But I now recognize how much the gaming industry has changed when I watch kids playing games on their smartphones and PCs. You can now get money by streaming gameplay live on YouTube.

Mikecrack, who has 23.6M subscribers, is the most popular Spanish gamer on YouTube. TheWillyrex is another, boasting 18.6M subscribers. The top Spanish gaming YouTube channels are listed below.

In addition to these two, there are 8 other gaming YouTubers from Spain, about whom you will learn more as you read the full story.

You should subscribe to the best Spanish gaming YouTube channels. These YouTube channels are listed below in decreasing order along with the number of subscribers each one has.

23.6 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF MIKECRACK One of the top Spanish gaming YouTube channels is Mikecrack. In July 2015, Mikecrack came up with it. You can get fantastic gaming content on this channel, which is full of humor and adventure. He primarily plays the video games Free Fire, Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. The Mikecrack channel currently has 1,543 videos uploaded in total, with billions of views.

18.6 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF THEWILLYREX The author began this YouTube channel in January 2021, and since then, he has been uploading gaming series like Karmaland, Golf it, and other kinds of well-known games like Minecraft. Willyrex has 8.1 million active followers on Instagram, where he is also accessible. There have been more than 6 billion views of TheWillyrex’s 6,161 videos as of this writing.

16.8 MILLION THEGREFG SUBSCRIBERS This YouTube channel is run by David Canovas Martinez. He is 23 years old and is from Spain. In order to show off his gaming prowess to a bigger audience, David started the TheGrefg youtube channel in 2012. He is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in addition to YouTube. This channel has received 5.2 billion total views, and 3,007 videos have been posted.

13.7 MILLION ELTROLLINO SUBSCRIBERS There are 1,467 videos on the ElTrollino YouTube channel that have received more than 3 billion views. Owner of ElTrollino is Javier Lopez Hervas. In addition to virtual reality videos, he has released playlists for GTA 5, Among Us, Skyblock Mikellino, Noob vs Pro, Murder Mystery, Pinturillo, and other games.

13.2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF ITOWNGAMEPLAY Due to the fact that he has already posted 6,559 videos, this YouTuber is a very active gamer. Watching videos of iTownGameplay can instantly lift your spirits if you’re feeling down or bored while sedentary. Over 4 billion videos have been viewed on iTownGameplay overall.

11.2 MILLION DANIREP SUBSCRIBERS The DaniRep YouTube channel’s creator is well-known for playing GTA 5 Online. He plays numerous more games in addition to GTA 5. Popular playlists on his channel include Run or Die, Vehicles vs. Weapons, Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V Campaign, and Red Dead Redemption 2. (Deathrun). Over 5 billion videos have been viewed on DaniRep, while 9,900 videos have been posted.

10.1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS OF RUBIUS Z One of the top Spanish gaming YouTube channels is Rubius Z. 282 videos in total have been posted, and they have received billions of views. Among us, Minecraft Hardcore, Detroit Become Tostadora, and Minecraft Historia Rubius are the primary playlists on this channel.

7.1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS FOR LOLITO FDEZ This YouTube channel mostly concentrates on PC shooter, arcade, and adventure game gameplay. Since the channel’s creation on May 7, 2011, thousands of videos have been uploaded. 850 million people have seen the station in total.

6.52 MILLION ELCHURCHES SUBSCRIBERS One of the top Spanish gaming YouTube channels is ElChurches. Carlos, who is from Spain, is the owner of this channel. He gained notoriety for his insightful societal comments. Carlos has 600K followers on Instagram, where he is extremely well-liked. ElChurches has 2513 videos on YouTube, and those videos have received over 1 billion views.

6.33 MILLION MANGELROGEL SUBSCRIBERS In 2006, this Spanish gaming channel was established. The creator is a well-known video gamer by the name of Miguel Angel Rogel Ruiz. He enjoys playing a variety of games, but his two favorites are Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft. There are only 455 videos overall, but they have received almost 41 million views.

CONCLUSION The greatest Spanish gaming YouTubers to watch in 2021 are all of those people. These YouTubers teach you how to play games while simultaneously entertaining you with their gameplay.

SUBSTANTIAL QUESTIONS Who on YouTube represents Spain the most?
The list of the top YouTube channels with the most subscribers is as follows:
With 41 million members, Germn Garmendia
40.6 million people are Whindersson Nunes customers
Alvarado, Luis Fernando Flores 37.7 million clients
Villar Sudek, Luis Arturo 33.5 million monthly visitors
Castaeda Mariand Castrejn 24.6 million clients
David Ngel Revilla 20.1 million clients
What YouTube gaming channels are the best?
The top Spanish gaming YouTube channels include
Who is the top YouTuber for gaming?

PewDiePie is the top gaming YouTuber worldwide as of March 2021. On YouTube, he has 110 million subscribers. His YouTube channel is ranked second in terms of subscribers.

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